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At the moment it looks that the movie after “A Good Man” will be shot in Romania, too.

What is your opinion about the choice of the location? I’m personally a bit disappointed. Romania is in my opinion not the right place for a Seagal movie. I miss the US feel from the earlier movies, only very few of his films after Exit Wounds delivered this.
I wish they would stay in US with filming (especially if it’s not possible to film in Asia, which would be my favorite location).

In my opinion they should film in New Mexico, and some part of the story should set in a smaller town outside of the bigger cities (maybe a bit like “Fire Down Below”). They would be able to film some great desert scenes and other landscapes.
I think Waxman could make this looking good, and there is a chance this change in look would be pretty well received not only by Seagal fans.

My second idea would be New Orleans. This is a great location too, some b-movies had been filmed there and they also could go a bit outside (to the swampland for example).

Vancouver is ok, but I think we have seen it too much recently.

What do you think about my ideas? Do you have other?


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New Orleans,New Mexico,Paris,London and Louisiana(Alot of small movies has well has blockbusters shot there)


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I'm not a big fan of the eastern european locations. The scenery usually doesn't match with the story setting.

Although I get the reason why they move to such locations (even the xpendables 3 is shot in eastern europe), it just doens't do it for me with the DTV movies and the limited resources they have, they try to pass it of as an western city or country and that just epically fails.

The scenery has to fit, so if they shoot in Eastern Europe, the story should be about that part of teh world. Same goes for a movie shot in Paris, The Netherlands, Nigeria etc.

Perhaps they should make a totallydifferent movie like Total Recal, Blade Runner, Star Wars etc. All indoor, own designs and nothing to compare it too (i know, no budget for it, but would be great). Or back to something like US/US 2.



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I don't mind and Eastern European location, but it has to be in context with the story. For example: In Shadow Man, 7 Seconds and Born To Raise Hell Romania was used good. It fits the story.


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The only film shot in Romania that i thought was competent was Death In Tombstone directed by Roel Renie and starring Danny Trejo

Alot of ones by Van Damme,Snipes,Seagal etc have looked cheap


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