Location For Next Seagal Movie In Asia?

In which Asian country should they film the next movie in your opinion?

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As we know, Keoni Waxman probably plans to make a movie in Asia with Seagal.

This could be great and I hope they find good locations, wherever they decide to film at the end.

In which country should they film in your opinion?

My favorite would be Hong Kong. It would be the first time for a Seagal movie and I think he has good connections there. I also like a lot of movies from there and they have good actors. Maybe they could find a good fight choreographer there, too.


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I voted for Japan, because it would be again a nice trip.

@ DiDa
do you think Mr. Keusch would do it? I am not joking, but honestly I don't see a future Seagal movie directed by him.
I like ATTACK FORCE for the breaking walls + the hand wrist blades, SHADOW MAN for the improvised weapon + water melon and FLIGHT OF FURY for its air-related action.

Nevertheless every other bit he produced is extreme far from any entertainment. It is either total worse or so distant from a possible action movie, that I would gain a scientific education by now.