Lumbosacral Spine..


I would be in on that girl..hopefully we can tea up an time soon and have an good whin about friday night which is earlyish saturady morning here in oz?..iam thinking about say 10.30ish?..which is god knows what time where you are suzy..ohh we will work it out send me an e-mail suzy when you want to girl..and Glimmerman in there with us do you think he can be SAFE...


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suzyr4458;173914 said:
Hey Glimmerman, we should all go into the chat room on a night time like they do on SS . Com, we have a whale of a time in there! laughing & joking on, give each other the wind up! meeting new Fans, getting to know one another, what with me , you, Orangatuang, & Kookie there's a great start, we'll have midnight parties, you never know we'll start a rage on the Forum! I've never seen anybody in the chat room yet on here! how about it everybody!


I'd be up for a chat one evening. Although Glimmerman will probably be too busy cooking his hoops then :D

PM me with a time. That'd be cool




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Hey Glimmerman, & Kookie, I did send you a reply the other day but it seems to have disappeared??? In it I said, that you two, Orangatuang, & me , should be the first four nuts, to start the chat room off on this site! I've tried it a few times & there's never anybody in? wander why that is? the chat room on the official site is crazy! we laugh, joke, tell stories, just generally carry on, we have a great time! with 4 people like us, we'd set the town alight! Would you like a massage Glimmerman, let me know it can be arranged!