Maximum Conviction - reviews


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Ok, watched the movie yesterday. Not bad at all!

Cool Shootout-scenes
Good Seagal and Austin fight-scenes
Pare as the Bad Guy
Bren Foster`s fight-scene

Boring Story
Seagal should really lose a few pounds (Still the greatest ass-kicker in the world :))

I`ll give the movie 7/10.


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I think the fight with Pare was the best of the movie. Old school brutality.
When you focus on stunt doubles you will always see them, when you 'just' watch the movie you won't notice them at all, great job IMO.


What fight???? It was silly and really boring.Paré's character seemed to be a tough guy and then such a fight????

I was very disappointed.The fight between Paré and Lundgren in *Direct Contact* was better!


Got my DVD odered today it comes out in Adelaide the 7th November and i should have it in my little hot hands by the following weekend ..have to get my gal pals over there just as excited


Got an phone call few minutes ago my copy of MAXIMUM CONVICTION is in ....i feel like an kid at an candy store so excited i am geting an few girlfriends around on the weekend but TONIGHT iam just going to see it myself ....give it an test run....:)


Well saw the movie ...and all i can say is 'awesome' look forward to what ever Steven has coming up ...thank you Steven once again job well done and of course to all the rest of the cast in this movie even the aussie Bren Foster boy he sure can kick ass too...:)