Mira Seagal

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Yep! About as spiritual as a snake!! LOL!!!
She's a female in serious need of phycological
help! In other words the "girl" is a nut case!
God bless,
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Originally posted by Jaxx
poor lass, i've never heard of her.... any one wanna tell me a bit more???

Did you watch the video?
pretty much explains where she's at....she was a member on the official site at the beginning...and would show up from time to time...she's was basically harmless and eventually got banned from the forum......perhaps the 1st one banned....
which after seeing what happened in the months after I have no idea why she was banned and a couple of handfuls of others never were.....and were allowed to basically destroy the message board..so much that it was like a virus that started in one sectionn and spread into every friggin' thread in every section just about.....it got to the point that I(and a few others) didn't even bother going there anymore.....LOL
Mira may have some things she needs to deal with...but she never attacked anyone on a personal basis wishing there families or spouses were dead..and using every foul name in the book to prove just how limited her vocabulary was....LOL
Ahhhh...those were the days...


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Originally posted by Hallarian
Watch??? which video?:confused:

you never saw it?...LOL

It's listed in the Movies/Seagal Video Clips section here...but here's the link to download it..I tried to view it straight from the site but it wasn't cming thru...so I believe the only way to see it for now is to download...right click and select "save target as"...it's like 10-15mts long so it'll take a little bit to D/L...Real Player format...Mira was on the Howard Stern show a few years back....explains about how her and her friends got Seagal's hair to grow back, etc........back and all sorts of 'strange' info..........LOL

Mira Seagal


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I finally got to view some of it last night....It came in really dark though, so mostly I just listened...I have a lot of compassion and understanding in my heart for all those with mental illnesses, and I wouldn't even mind working with people in those situations, and I try not to use the word 'crazy', I think it is insensitive, but, gosh, that woman is delusional as they come, if she really believes what she is saying....I finally had to turn it off...


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oh my lord, i turned it off after the Kim Basinger part, thats insane......
She's a very poorly or very strange woman!!!!