If i can stop crying for an few minutes love to say an few words about such an great person Mr Michael alot of people in this funky world we live in are going to miss him ..alot.. we have lost an master of his work ..yes he had troubled times in the past but thats just it his past ..i have always loved him and his music my favourite has to be 'BEN' still brings me to tears when i listen to it ..

so many people have been cruel to him calling him terrible names which is just plain wrong like they are so bloody perfect.. i heard that these concerts he was doing for his kids as they hadnt seen there dad in concert ..this world is going to be an lot sadder now an legend in his own way has gone ..i know what i will doing this weekend getting an couple of gal pals over bring out my old record player and playing his songs and in memory of him raise an glass and say 'good bye Michael ' ...

why is it that the good die young??..


Just feels like an little of me has died too one will ever follow in his footsteps no matter how much they try.. he was here in adelaide an good few years ago and i missed out just by an whisker i seeing him gee thats an story of my life that story sounds like ever seeing some one else too.. any way lest we forget..


Michael Jackson whas a great singer,his music whas fantastic to,Micheal whas very young
when he stay one stage to same whit his brothers, the Jackson Five in the years 6O's
then whas the first time i see Micheal on television whit the song A.B.C this whas a very good song , and stand in belguim up the firts place in the top fifty,and he have sucses.
In the years 80 and 90 he have mutch more sucses,and makes very fantastic music and
he have nice bauthiful slowly music to ,this like Heather say ,,Ben ,, this is a real bauthiful song from him,and all his fans gone mis him ,but his music you gone heurt him forever,this is the same like the music from Barry white that man whas a great man to
and i mis his music he whas my favorit singer and musian ,i have Barry's all music and i have Micheals music to ,the are great singers.
Rest in peace Micheal ,whe and all the world gone mis you and your music.
You die very young.


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i am well upset about it, i am and always will be a massive michael jackson fan. i was going to see him in london in august, just sad i never got to see him perform live. any way you might think i'm a bit mad but i've just had a custom made jacko tattoo on my right arm (looks wicked) will be posting some pictures on my home page soon if any one is interested cheers.


Iam so sorry for you benno 28 ,you comes and you go ,that is live,but Micheal Jackson
his music lives ,and you now that his music go never a way that stay.
For Micheals fan is that so bad the lost the great singer and dancer like Micheal Jackson
and what i do is pray for his children and his famely ,the need that.
Benno 28 that is live and you kant never chance that.

Mama San

I was so sorry to hear of Michael Jackson's death.
A terrible tragedy for his family and, most of all, for
his children. I pray that his soul can rest in peace.

However, it is a terrible and foolish thing to mess with drugs,
of any kind, legal or illegal.

Again, let me say that I am so sorry for his death. He was
and is much loved.

But lest we forget a lady who battled cancer for the last 3 years.
Should we forget her pain and suffering?
She put up a fantastic fight. Her battle was lost but the war
rages on. She died the same day as MJ. But her death was over-
shadowed by the death of Michael. Her death was recorded somewhere
on page 5 of the local newspaper. Hardly worth the ink, would you say?
But MJ was front page, all the way.
At 62 she died way too soon.

Another forgotten soul was Ed McMahon, who died on June 23.
At 86 he also put a great fight against bone cancer. He finally
died of pneumonia 2 days before Farrah.

Just a little info that, perhaps, some may have forgotten.

God bless,
Mama San

irish coleen

Steve's Lucky Charm
Thanks Mama San for that but I like the rest is absolutely heartbroken when I heard the news of 'jacko'. One hell of a great artist, a sad man in his personal life but gave so much happiness to his fans through his music. there is so much to say about this man, but I do feel sorry for his children as by all accounts he was close to his children and they shall feel the loss most of all, as will his parents and siblings. God Bless you Michael and hope that you shall rest in peace xxxxxxx


I see that yesterday to Stevenseagal fan,My heart whas broking,when
i see is litle dauther,i whas craying and that whas real paenful,this poor children
there lost is fater,the show whas bautiful and very paenful,this like you say.
Micheal rest in peas and god bless you,and your famely.


Thank you stevenseagalfan,i now what it is ,in 2005 i lost my mother,my sister and the
mother from my husband,and that whas very peanful for me ,i lost my sister,whe are so close whit eachoter,my sister whas one year younger,and i mist here somuch and my mother and the mother from my husband to.
And i now what that is for the famely from Micheal Jackson and his children to.
By me comes the memmory back, and believes me you think on him and the datum
is there that day is peanful and think on him, i do that every year and
than i do a pray for him and i put a candel and do the candellight on.
And i hope the anderstand my ,i lost a famely that i love and the stay in my heart.
and that is the same to by the famely from Micheal Jackson to, may


Found something interesting on the telly (t.v.) today that the female guitar player in Michaels band is actually an girl from my neck of the woods she is from Adelaide her name is Orianthi she has also been on stage with Carlos Santana..she also sang at Michaels memorial ..she started out on the piano then went to acoustic guitar and then to classic guitar look out Steven she may give you and run for your money ..


It is sad that we lost Micheal Jackson at a young age, Someone with so much talent He will be missed.

Love Always

Red Rose