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Today, the 25th of April, my country celebrates ANZAC Day. It is a day when we honour the thousands of our fellow countrymen who have died in war. We do not celebrate war nor do we condone it., but we do recognise the ultimate sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the Boer war, world wars 1 & 2,the Korean war & Vietnam.
Also in Turkey there will be ceremonies to honour their dead and ours at Gallipoli where we fought & killed thousands of each other. Today we have no greater respect for anyone more than we do for the Turks. They have special cemetaries for the Aussies who never came home and they have tended them for over 80 years.
We Aussies always get emotional on this day. As a young country(less than 250 years old) we consider this day of rememberence as our coming of age.
I share this with all of you from all over the world in the hope that we see war for what it really is; barbaric & insane & when war is the question, peace can be the only answer.:)
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Dear Mandypuss,

I know this.
Your people ANZACS came and was killed at the Gallipolli in the First World War !! Too many people died in this big war.

But Right now they sleep in peace with Turkish Soldiers in Canakkale !!
We pray all the soldiers that died.

God Bless
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One 10th of our countrymen went to this war, 17,000 did not return.

We remember this with you mandypuss and Suzi!

Australian New Zealand Army Corps

Lest We Forget.

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Let's not knock each other's country!

Let's really try hard for peaceful relations and not "spit" on anyone's flag. I'm really puzzled that food cost so much less than bullets per ton but My friends and I have to stretch every bit of food we give out to moms for their little ones while ducking an endless supply of somebody's bullets.


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Amos said it exactly!!!

We have so much good we could do to make this lovely planet a really better and safer place to live. WHY? Why? are we so determined to blow each other up or cut one another down. We should never forget the soldiers who died on any side of the question OR the little ones who died by just being in the way.


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Somebody has missed the entire point of my post havent they. You do not spit on someones flag or anything else. Why be so petty about everything. Its probably true that a lot of wars start off this way: with pettiness and stubborness and end with thousands dead and injured and starving and sick. Take a deep breathe and think about it. What do you want, a peaceful and happy life for yourself and your family or slaughter in the street. I cant believe you would prefer the latter.
luv & peace

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Originally posted by Waki Ya Cante
*salutes those who were sent for freedom and spits on the on the union jack*

Forgive me but I don't understand the last part of this statement!
God bless,
Mama san