Other New official website under construction..

Just tried to access the official Seagal page and it is offline, new website coming "very soon".


"Maintenance Mode, Steven Seagal Official Website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance., Please try back again soon. New website coming very soon."

Perhaps this thread can track any developments..


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New website is now online, accompanied by a message from the Seagal twitter account and on the site itself. Looks promising.


OH MY GOD....what a great website!!! Excellantly done. I love it. I wish we could leave our comments on how much we love it. The gallery is GREAT!!!

Suzy if you helped its wonderful. I just can't say enough about it,:):)


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Oh my God Finally it is very exciting AWESOME !!!

Did you see in Philantrophy they put "With thanks for info Suzi Wong and Mr John Lucas’s"

Its great honor for me.



What i have seen is fantastic :) iam just hoping this one stays around love to go there for an visit BUT my roots are here at this sight ...i wish it well and hope that all the fans have fun.. cant wait to see the finished product..


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The only thing I miss is a forum for fans to interact, besides that the site is fantastic.


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Congratulations to all behind the scenes that created the new website. :) Great job. Hopefully it will stay up-to-date with the latest news and information.
Not sure if they will go with a forum as we know what happened there in the past was not good.

Suzi nice work too. :)


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Thank you Craig for everything firstly. Because you opened this site you helped me and you helped all Steven Seagal's fans from all over the world. You did it good job. Secondly I believe there is not necessary another forum in Official Site because we are here and we are number one Forum Site about Steven Seagal in internet.. huh ?? :)


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New website is really nice. hope this one lasts and keeps updated!!! Anyone keep track of how many websites he's had? i lost count