Odd facts about Steven

Mama San

What are you looking for, S.L.?
"Odd info and/or stories"?
Are you looking for gossip?
I'm sorry, but I just don't understand. :confused:
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Maybe she is asking if he as normal as we are?.. what ever normal is? i dont know about any one else but every one has that little bit of loopi-ness even Steven...more so him..now how do i know that might get back ..good question though SL..
okay SS´s girl :)

Well ORANGATUANG and Mama San. All I wanna know is if there is andy odd facts. like he had a birthmark on his nose when he was 15 that he removed ... these kinds of stuff :D

steven seagal's_girl

i love steven seagal
:)oh ok sorry lol..my brain hasnt been working good cuz of the heat here in Tennessee..lol...i will find some odd facts about him and when i find them i will let you know..thanks friend..:D

Martina Taft

Steven Seagl Fan #1
Its i aknown fact that stewen for som years or mnay years coolected Cerail boxes for the purpose of saving the rainforrest. It was mentioned in an interwiev with DVD news feb 2006. Did anyone re
ad that?



A few bits of Seagal trivia include:

* Penor Rinpoche, proclaimed him a tulku, a reincarnation of a Tibetan lama.

* In California Steven spend some time flipping burgers at Burger King.

* Seagal implying that he did some secret ops for the CIA when living in