Review: The Patriot


I like this movie
It's really easy and good movie about problem what
was took out from shadow.


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The Patriot

I just rented The Patriot. I saw it once when it first came out but I couldn't remember what it was like. Anyway's, I just watched it and I was surprised, it really is a great movie. I think it's a very underated movie and that it should have been in theatres. It has the production values of a big theatrical release not a direct-to-video movie. I thought Steven gave an excellent dramatic performance and even though there wasn't a lot of action, the little action there was, was really cool. I think it got some bad reviews because people were expecting an action movie but that's not what it is. It's a drama with a little bit of action. I like it when Steven plays a family man in his movies (Hard To Kill, US2). I find it helps bring the audience into the story. I think he was trying to do something different with this movie and I still think it would be interesting to see him in a family movie (but he shouldn't forget about what he does best either i.e. action). Didn't Steven say once that he wants to be remembered for his acting and writing, and he should. He's both a great action star and a great actor too. What does everyone else think of this great action/drama? I'm gonna go out and buy it on DVD.


I was glad to see this review of yours, Evan. I have always considered The Patriot to be one of my favorite movies of Steven's, but I've always been in the minority on that. It showed a more human side of him, I think, a little more character and warmth than in some of his other movies, a gentler side I rather enjoyed seeing. I especially liked seeing him put his glasses on to read at the computer. Just a little ordinary task, something any one of us might do at any time, but not usually something you would see an action hero do. And I thought his interaction with his "daughter" seemed rather warm and natural for him, more so than with some older females he's appeared with.

Nice to see this, Evan!


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The Patriot was a fabulous film in my opinion, he was charming and tender and compassionate, and I kept saying to myself that he looked very natural in the role, very laid back, and probably much like the real deal, I bet....I thought the glasses were charming, and the scenes with his daughter were so sweet, they just melted my heart...A lot of what we see on screen is image, but I think this gave us a glimpse of the real man, and I for one found myself falling in love with that man, and I still am...You know, I have seen his sweet side has come out in most of the films actually, and also a humorous cynical aspect, which I find very charming, too...Sometimes in the action movies the sweet side is just very brief, but it's there...:)
All I know is he is quite a guy, what more could a girl want? He's everything all rolled into one very beautiful package...
Some of my favorite parts of the movie were the scences with his daughter, and the scenes where he's caring for his patients, what a guy...
I bought the DVD quite awhile ago for that one....:)


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It's not a bad little movie, even though a lot of reviews tend to point out that there's not enough fighting in it. The actress who played his daughter was good, and one thing I found interesting is that she could actually pass for his real daughter, I mean she actually looks like him in a funny kind of way (though I know they're not related). They had good chemistry.


When there's not enough fighting they point at that(in case with The Patriot) and when there's too much of fighting they also tend to point it out( in case with Belly Of The Beast).You'll never please those critics.
By the way,didn't I say I loved the movie a lot?:)


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This thread needs a photo...


He has a distinctive Native American look in this shot, don't you agree?

I still think he's half Italian and all yummy...:)


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I thought the film was great a mutch kinder gentler seagal i was neat to see him playing a father role to his doughter holly in the movie underneath it all he truely is a gentle giant!




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Personally i think the patriot was steven seagal's way of showing us that he can address serious ecological issue's without there having to be a fight sequence to get the message across, i remember sitting watching it with a friend who remarked to me after the film " That was Sh*t !!! there was no fighting , nothing , of course he is an action junkie ( which i'm not knocking ) and took bad not seeing steven kick the living sh*t outta everything that moved , where as i thot it was quite a ballsy move by someone who is renound for the big action flick to try a more softer approach while putting a message across........ i read in an article that steven himself said that "the patriot" was a film he had wanted to do for a long time as i was something that was close to his heart ........

Well done Steven you showed a whole new meaning to the word Versatility"

I remember buying The Patriot from America, even though I'd heard lots of bad things about it. I got it anyway because apart from having Seagal in it the film was directed by Aussie Dean Semler, who directed Firestorm, another criminally neglected film.

Imagine my delight when the film actually turned out to be good. In some ways I feel The Patriot was an attempt to make a more upmarket, classy Seagal movie. The cinematopgraphy, the music, the locations -- it was all beautifully done.

Special mention must go to LQ Jones who played his friend, he was fantastic!

Others have complained there was little action, it didn't bother me, the movie was interesting with or without it.

And the ending! No doubt Steven couldn't resist the irony of having a group of tough, armed soldiers picking flowers in a field.

I think a lot of people missed the point of the movie and that's a shame because The Patriot is one of Steven's most well made pictures.


I commented on Gunslinger's post that's a shame some people underestimate the values of this film.And he made the point right out of my mouth.


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ok, Tora...
People who underestimate Sensei are really missing the boat, that is a big shame, you're right...