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After the failure of "On Deadly Ground", Seagal needed a hit badly, so a sequel to his most successful movie was dreamed up with the same basic plot and outline being recycled and relocated from a battleship to a passenger train. Whilst it definatly doesn't match the original's appeal or witty script the sequel is still quite entertaining and contains more action than its predecessor. The villains this time around are passable but they lack the charisma and chemistry of Jones and Busey. What does strike you most about this film is the blatent far fetchedness of the whole thing (witness Seagal outrun a speeding freight train!) but then again the movie is suppossed to be pure escapism and it does what it says on the tin. Whilst the film was not nearly as successful as the first one it is still an enjoyable follow up and reminds you more of the "Die Hard 2" school of sequel making and thankfully not the "Universal Soldier 2: The Return" school which completly disregarded the principles of the original and turned itself into a trashy incoherent mess.

Overall *** out of ***** (OTT but enjoyable sequel)
Typical Seagal stuff. The knife slap on that guy at the end is my all time favorite. Me and my 5 year old brother practice that all the time. I give him a butcher knife then smack it out of his hand.

The stuff at the end where Dane gets his is some terrible special effects. The part where he is hanging on the cliff as the train goes over, are you kidding that was funny. Also the part where he falls off the helicopter, again some weak stuff.

All in all I like it, it's Casey "F'ing" Ryback for gods sake.


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Great Action!

The action scenes were really good. I thought those hand to hand combat scenes were spectacular. I didn't like the plot though, I thought it had some many corny scenes and the some of the special effects were laughable. The reason why I think this film is "GOOD" is because the action scenes were so amazing!

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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FU&D! Original Review - Under Siege 2 - 2/4 guns

Casey Ryback is back in this sequel, but on a train and not a battleship. The movie is actually better than can be expected, and the action is great. The setup with the niece and the train, and the wacky bad guy work, although I do miss the battleship and all the cool weapon systems. When the train gets taken over by terrorists, it's up to Seagal to free the hostages and stop their nefarious plot to blow up Washington DC!

The action is pretty intense, especially in the sequence where Seagal is trying to catch up with the train in a pickup truck. There are also some great fight scenes.

I, for one, think the knife-fight at the end of the sequal is even better than the original. Did you see how bloody that bad guy's face got?! Cool. It sorta reminded me of the final fight scene in Out For Justice.

It's also good to see Admiral Bates, Captain Garza (the awesome Dale Dye) and even the shady CIA operative Breaker back in the sequel. Overall, this is a strong two guns movie, and definitely worth renting on a slow night. However, fans of realism, beware! Seagal outruns an oncoming diesel engine in one of the movie's more ridiculous sequences.

:gun: :gun:

By the way, and this is more of an afterthought, I was hoping someone could clear up a little thing that's been bothering me. Casey Ryback is a Chief in the first movie, which is the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer in the US Navy. In this movie though, he is referred to as "Lieutenant" by the driver who drops him off at the beginning and he is later described as a "SEAL team captain" by Penn. While it is possible he received a battlefield commission or left the SEALs to go to OCS and be commissioned as an officer in the time between the first and second movie, it is unlikely he would hold two different military ranks. Also, it is my understanding that in the US Navy only the captain of a ship is a captain (as opposed to the US Army, Air Force or Marines) so he couldn't really hold that rank. It may just be that Penn is wrong or that he simply means Ryback commands a SEAL platoon. If someone has an answer for me, please let me know.

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Casey Ryback..well no more needs to be said except darling you keep kicking those ass's dam hard and just an extra one for me...


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I just watched Under Siege 2 last night and just had a new fidelity for it. Under Siege 2 is now one of my favorite Seagal movies. The action and fight scenes are incredible.

I think the actor who was that "mad scientist" was a terrible actor and ruined the film, there were some corny acting moments in the movie and some of the music was stupid, if they hired a different actor to play the mad scientist dude and edited some of the scenes, this movie would have been one of his best.

I finally just noticed how during one of the fight scenes Seagal gets tackled and he goes into a Jiu-Jitsu guard, breaks the guys arm and chokes him, that impressed me alot!

New rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars


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Under Seige 2 was a marketing vehicle for potential aikido students. Thats fine though as I learnt heaps from just watching and no Derailed wasn't better than US2


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under seige 2....good movie...of course not as good as the first..

rarely are 2nd movies as good or better then the original.
the cast was pretty decent...good acting...and steven doing a lot of action in it...odviously fit once again. the story line was good...everything in it was pretty good actually.....its not GREAT like underseige but its good...a decent sequal to a great movie...very enjoyable..even if you havnt seen the first can still watch it and enjoy
i'd rate it a 8/10....

only bad part was...that bad guy scientist....who has to tell every1 his plans and what he is doing...thats a bit corney even when he was by him self he was still talking...jeez


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oh and in answer to some of your guys posts
i didnt think the bad guy scientist was a bad actor he was just cheesy talking to him self haha

oh and i think the reason why the guy called him Lieutenant and so forth as to why he is called different i think because he got promoted from "cook" to that position after the first movie at the end remember


nothing much on TV tonight so i shall have to watch the only decent movie on TV tonight UNDER SEIGE 2 better then an kick up the bum..:)


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Watched the blu-ray the other night and it has aged well. Some scenes the stunt double is clearly visible (especially now in hd too), but overall still a great action movie.