Russell Crowe arrested

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The Associated Press

NEW YORK Jun 6, 2005 — Russell Crowe was arrested
Monday morning for allegedly throwing a telephone at
an employee of the Manhattan hotel where he was
staying, police said.

Crowe, 41, who plays a boxer in his latest film,
"Cinderella Man," threw the phone at the Mercer Hotel
employee, striking him in the face, during an argument
at around 4:20 a.m., said police spokesman Sgt. Mike

The Australian movie star was taken into custody,
fingerprinted and charged with second-degree assault,
said police Lieutenant Eugene Whyte.

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Russell Crowe Throws Hollywood a Heavyweight Hook

Crowe was expected to appear in Manhattan Criminal
Court later Monday.

An employee who answered the phone at the Mercer Hotel
in SoHo said he was unaware of the incident.

Crowe won an Oscar for his role in 2000's "Gladiator."

"Cinderella Man," Ron Howard's story of Depression-era
boxer Jim Braddock, had a lackluster opening this
weekend, debuting at No. 4 with an estimated $18.6
million at the box office.

Universal had counted on a better debut for the film,
which reunites Howard, Crowe and producer Brian
Grazer, the team behind the 2001 Academy Awards
champion "A Beautiful Mind."

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I think he is known for his temper!! I know during the filming of A Beautiful Mind he spit out the window at the students below!!
I had heard parts were film at Duke then later heard somewhere else!!
Not sure where it happen, maybe just a rumor!!


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Well, Russell Crowe isn't what you might call a patient person... but throwing a telephone is a bit much.


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I never really understood what all the fuss was about with him....
Am I the only woman on the planet that doesn't find him attractive?


KimonoSoul said:
I never really understood what all the fuss was about with him....
Am I the only woman on the planet that doesn't find him attractive?

No, I don't think you stand alone, I like some of the roles he has played!


Well, I guess that's one way to get some extra publicity for the *lackluster opening* weekend of your movie, eh? :rolleyes: :D

Thanks for posting, Amos. :)


Yes well just get one thing straight he isnt an australian he is an New Zealander ..Yes he is an bad boy and we cant judge him badly because we were not there and beleive me Glimmerman he "can" least he aint an pussy like some other actors....


Have you now?...Did you see him on David Lettermans show?...I think he was sincere in what he said i hope so anyway he has to think of his wife and son..


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I guess to US writers, "Australian" and "New Zealander" are the same thing....


Crowe Uses Letterman Visit to Apologize

NEW YORK (AP) - A chagrined Russell Crowe apologized Wednesday for throwing a telephone at a hotel concierge this week, saying he reacted poorly to being a lonely family man away from home.

``This is possibly the most shameful situation I've ever gotten myself in in my life, and I've done some pretty dumb things in my life,'' the Australian actor told David Letterman. ``So to actually make a new number one is spectacularly stupid.''

Crowe, in New York to promote a new movie, was angered by a malfunctioning phone at the Mercer Hotel at 4 a.m. Monday, so he threw it and struck a concierge in the face.

Along with a few hours in jail on an assault charge, the ``Gladiator'' star earned himself a new tabloid nickname: ``Jerkus Maximus.''

Crowe used the ``Late Show'' platform to apologize to his wife and to Nestor Estrada, the concierge hit under the eye by the flying phone.

``Hopefully at some stage, I'll be able to apologize directly to Nestor but at the moment, he's not answering his phone,'' Crowe said.

Crowe acknowledged what most tabloid readers already know: that he has a temper problem.

``But at the same time, I also have, in the moment, infinite patience, you know?'' he said. ``We had nine rooms in that hotel over a period of seven days and everybody was having the same problems.''

Crowe is married to actress Danielle Spencer and they have a 17-month-old son. With the time difference with Australia, reporting back home can be rough, he said.

``I'm, you know, trying to fill my basic obligations to my wife who needs to know that I'm at home, I'm in bed, I haven't had too much to drink and, primely important, that I'm alone,'' he said.

Being a husband and father away from home is ``a level of abject loneliness that I'm not used to at all,'' he said.

But, as his wife said, that's not much of an excuse because millions of dads have to travel, he said.

Letterman couldn't resist one sight gag, getting up from behind his desk before the interview, removing the phone that was there and taking it off stage.


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Eeekkkk..Dont say that T.D..No way girl an aussie knows better..

Exactly. But to the American media, what difference does it make? None, apparently.