Seagal being used by MPD for recruiting purposes


Seagal being used by MPD for recruiting purposes

Updated: Aug 13, 2008 05:51 PM
Seagal being used by MPD for recruiting purposes
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The Memphis Police desperately needs officers.

Now action movie star Steven Seagal has pledged to help the department recruit new officers.

Steven Seagal will soon star in several commercials aimed at recruiting people to join Memphis' police department.

Police Director Larry Godwin said the ad campaign grew out of meeting his recruiting staff had with Human Resources directors at several of the largest companies in Memphis. Godwin said the goal was to tap some of the brightest minds in memphis to develop a campaign that would make people around the country eager to work for the Memphis Police Department.

"My goodness yes you're talking about FedEx you're talking about AutoZone you're talking about Memphis Methodist health care. All these minds came together not to change policy not to interfere with our hiring practices, but just to give a little insight as to what they do when they recruit how do they attract the brightest minds. How do they attract and maintain and keep those employees," Godwin said.

Godwin said his staff is also reviewing it's application process to see if it can become more internet friendly. The goal is to allow people around the country to find out about jobs at the Memphis Police department and apply for them.

Godwin says you should start seeing the Steven Seagal commercials in the next 60 days.


Very interesting - and there's a video on that link as well for the news story.

Can't wait to see the commercials on YouTube - someone's got to post 'em!!!

The Phoenix

Master of None
very cool!!! I want to join the MPD!! lol. I wish I could see the video but I'm at work and without speakers/sound card.

Mama San

Elvis did almost the same thing many years ago
but there were no commericals that I recall.
God bless,
Mama San

Martina Taft

Steven Seagl Fan #1
MPD are vicious people who have no respect for juver Steven and his character. They should be greatful that he takelked to the m in the first place. rofl