Seagal volunteering services against illegal immigration


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Thanks to the user photomouse14 for bringing this up in the "True Justice" thread, so I decided to post it here if anyone else was interested to see it.

A short summary, is that Mr Seagal has offered his services to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona as a volunteer for a group who provide assistance to sheriffs, deputies and detention officers in handling illegal immigrants. Alongside Mr Seagal are another 55 volunteers who were sworn in, but he wasn't there at the ceremony. Anyway, their service includes physically assisting in transportation of arrestees, along with the donation of vehicles, planes, and helicopters.

Here is the full article if you want to read it:


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Hello everyone I've been reading these forums for a long time but never got around to joining, I'm a huge fan of Steven and when I saw this I felt I should finally join the forum to say something. I'm sorry but does anyone else find this strange coming from Steven. I mean him as a police officer make a lot of sense but now him going after illegal immigrants seems a little out of character to me. Him teaming up with Joe Arpaio just seems like an odd fit to me.


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He is a Lawman...and he is helping to enforce the Law in Arizona...
I don't think he would do it if he didn't feel it was the right thing to do....
I just saw on a youtube interview SS is saying it's not about immigration, it's about national security. I do think we need to have tight borders because terorrists can come through from any direction. The south, north east or west. In fact all countries need to have tight borders, Mexico, Canada, every country! Props to the Coast Guard and Border patrol, Seagal Sensei and the others with him!


I'm proud of Steven and all the work he does to keep terrorists and drug dealers out. I don't understand why he is always ridiculed for what he does. I hate that. He's good man. AND...... VERY SEXY!


Jack, where did you see that interview at? I looked on Utube and couldn't find it. Can u please post the link. Thanks
Hi photomouse14, I should've bookmarked it... I'll be looking for it again... It might have been in one of the interviews at the last ufc event... I'm loading a vid right now that might be it... if it is I'll post the link (my computers kinda slow...)