Steven at Manhattan- Newyork


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Steven Seagal seen on the streets of Manhattan on September 16, 2008 in New York City.

For your information..



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Also he attended Best Buy Launch Geek Squad Black Tie Protection at Best Buy Store on September 16, 2008 in New York City


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Steven ticked off NEVER..hey Suzi have we told you how much we LOVE you thanks girl FINALLY some pics and he does look good..question for you Suiz girl in the front row is that the actor Richard Dean Anderson?.. if not he is an dead ringer for him.. not so fussed now knowing all the gala-vanting around he is doing is all good..doesnt mean i still wont give him the cold shoulder though.. Mmmm..he looks like he has lost some weight in an couple of those pics ..hopefully he may wear black in his upcoming movie just does it for me suits no suits!! rough and ready alot of us here have said it would be good to see back in his fantastic coats and that.. any way wait and see wont we..


Thank you Suzywong,very beautilfull foto's you have,,and Steven Seagal
look sooo wonderfull very nice man,and thank you my very best friend
you are great and wonderfull fantastic women.


The first and fourth pix from the Geek Squad launch are such characterstic gestures from him. Warms the heart, you know... I'm sure Heather knows what I mean!
Thanks Suzi, for posting these. I'll have that warm fuzzy feeling all day now!


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Here you go guys:

On Monday, Best Buy tech-help division Geek Squad launched its new Black Tie Protection service, which covers home theater, mobile tech, gadgets, and more, in addition to computers. Naturally, the electronics retailer decided that it needed some star power to kick off its new product, so it invited three celebrity "icons of protection": Tanya Roberts of 'Charlie's Angels' and 'That '70s Show', MacGyver (aka Richard Dean Anderson, and Steven Seagal), a musician who's made some martial arts movies (or is it the other way around?).

Since Best Buy is the exclusive provider of this service, the celebs showed up at a Manhattan store in three black SUVs escorted by the incredibly intimidating Geek Squad members in their Geekmobiles, black and white VW Bugs that are the official cars of the service. Anderson arrived first on the orange carpet, yelling "hello New York!" to the crowd of media, fans, and bewildered pedestrians walking on Broadway. Roberts came second, looking great at age 52. And finally, Seagal's SUV showed up and the martial artist got out of the wrong side of the car, said hello to the host briefly, and walked quickly inside. Some onlookers looked disappointed, but then it was time for the Q & A.

Flanked by Best Buy and Geek Squad employees, the three "protectors" sat on a small stage with lighting so hot that two of them asked for it to be changed before anything started. While this may sound like diva behavior, we can attest that it really was hot as hell up there, especially if you were wearing a suit like Anderson's. Poor Mac was getting sweaty by the end. The brief Q&A session mainly featured a female audience member telling both Anderson and Seagal how much she enjoyed their work without asking a question. Awesome.

Luckily for us, we were given a few minutes to talk with Mr. Seagal – you'd call him that too if you were standing right next to him – about tech, music, and his current work. Check out the interview after the break, as well as our gallery featuring more pictures and quotes of the stars. Something, um, may depend on it.

Steven Seagal

How computer savvy are you?


So if somebody had a problem, you couldn't protect them whatsover?

That's right.

So how did you get involved with the Geek Squad?

Well, because, I'm not the only one who's not a genius at computers. Everybody needs these guys and I think it's a brilliant concept to have these guys out there protecting people.

What's a gadget or a piece of technology that you can't live without?

Well, I have people doing everything for me but we use the iPhones, the iPods, and we have computers in all of my facilities and offices and homes. They're just an integral part of the way we live.

What song gets the most play on your iPod?

There's a song called "I'm Ready" by Muddy Waters that we play a lot.

Now, being a musician, what's your opinion on illegal downloading?

I think it's a shame that it happened. It ruined and destroyed the music business as we know it. Now the music business is over.

What are you doing now with your music?

I'm currently making an album with Willie Mitchell in Memphis. I'll finish when I finish.

Between, you, MacGyver, and one of Charlie's Angels, who wins in a fight?

Probably MacGyver.

Finally, what's the weirdest fan experience you've had?

Weirdest? I mean, 452,000 letters a week, stalking...

Lots of bizarre photo requests, like you breaking someone's arm?

Yeah, we get that kind of crap all the time.

What are you working on these days?

We start a movie in New Mexico in about two weeks. It's called 'The Keeper.'

What's the plot?

The plot is about a guy who gets a phone call from an old friend that his daughter is in danger and he ends up kind of bodyguarding her and uncovering this sort of plot where they're going to be taken hostage over uranium and different valuable assets and this guy helps.

So you're going to kick a lot of ass?

Oh yeah.


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"Icons of Protection": Richard Dean Anderson, Tanya Roberts, and Steven Seagal on hand to launch the service and keep everyone safe
New York, NY, September 16, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — Three icons of protection descended on the 62nd Street and Broadway Best Buy today to kick off the national launch of Geek Squad Black Tie Protection (GSBTP), a revolutionary new service plan. The icons, Richard Dean Anderson, Tanya Roberts and Steven Seagal, made their grand entrance in black sport utility vehicles flanked by black and white Geekmobiles.

Available exclusively at Best Buy stores across the country, GSBTP offers customers service and support to help activate, protect and maximize their technology. The next evolution to traditional service plans, GSBTP offers proactive services and coverage to enhance product performance, in addition to ensuring that misbehaving technology is corralled. The plan will deliver support through Geek Squad's vast network of computing, home theater, auto and appliance technicians.

"Being able to learn from these icons of protection is a great honor. They have built their careers by protecting those around them and I, as a Geek Squad Agent, aspire to emulate their achievements," says Double Agent Ismael Matos.

"Civilians have always been able to rely on Geek Squad if their devices fail. With Geek Squad Black Tie Protection, consumers can rest easy, knowing that the technology they purchase at Best Buy won't let them down," said Robert Stephens, founder and Chief Inspector of the Geek Squad. "It's a level of protection and expertise unavailable anywhere else."

Geek Squad Black Tie Protection is now available at Best Buy locations nationwide.


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Steven Seagal Throws A Fit

To roll out their all-new level of Black Tie Geek Squad Protection (the geeks arrive in stretch limousines, carry silver trays, and are all named Giles), Best Buy enlisted the celebrity services of "Four Icons of Protection, Steven Seagal, Richard Dean Anderson and Tanya Roberts," according to the press release. (That's just three, but who's counting?) Our Zune-taunting cousins at Gizmodo were there to catch all the excitement. Sadly, despite the best efforts of the emcee urging him to, "Take this pack of chewing gum, a pogo stick shaft, and a box of nail filings, and make something blow up already!" MacGyver proved to be about as mechanically minded as our mom.

Seagal, however, proved to be even more of a disappointment, throwing a fit as soon as he mounted the stage over the intensity of the stage lights. You'd think someone with as much experience starring in a string of marginally beloved martial arts movies, and shredding his blues away on the El Rey stage, would be accustomed to the hot glare of theatrical lighting. If we had to guess, however, we'd say his vampiric reaction might have to do with flashbacks to the powerful lamp shoved into his face by overzealous FBI agents trying to connect the actor to the Anthony Pellicano racketeering scandal.


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Why dont people just lighten up thats seagal just being seagal ...he is after all human and is aloud to have hissy fits ..maybe the lights might have melted all that crap on his face ..Ooopss .boo boo..that slipped out..oh he wont find out i said that any way that is just plain loopy people wanting photos like that hey whats wrong with getting fan stuff listen up mister you are whom you are and your fans love you wether you can handle it or not so get an grip mister..or some one may have to step up to the plate and give you such an ass or my case face whooping silly sausage whats up your jumper .....tip toe tip toe...


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Thank you Suzi,
It's true!Steven poor..When journalists eventually they always tell old stories ?Even if we did not hear! for us it is always the best.On this photos yesterday it is fantastic!it does not change.