Television Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins

Steven Seagal might be best known for an action-movie career spanning three decades but, as Justin discovers in this documentary, the Michigan-born actor has many more strings to his bow. As well as starring in, directing and producing his own films, Seagal is an accomplished blues musician, environmentalist, and a committed Buddhist, animal rights activist and philanthropist.

Justin starts out with a trip to Vancouver, Canada, to visit Steven on the set of his new cop drama series. As well as getting a chance to observe the great man in action, Justin has his heart set on getting a part in the show. Next, the pair head off to Steven’s base in Phoenix, Arizona, where Justin gets to see how the icon really lives behind closed doors.

In Arizona, Justin is granted exclusive and unprecedented access to Steven and his home life. He gets to experience both the glamour of the superstar lifestyle and the day-to-day experience of being an off-duty megastar away from the prying lens of the paparazzi.

Show airs February 14th Channel 5 in the UK at 22:00hrs.

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Thank you Craig.I remember this site I know and like much but I have problems for some time and I very busy.The picture is very friendly and Steven always great.:)

lee nicholson

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tspoons;206525 said:
I watched it too, and amongst my tears due to my split, i actually laughed out loud for the first time in ages! All my friends, even the ones who don't like Steven all shouted out " God Bless Steven" :) xx

Sorry to hear about your bad news, hope things ae looking a little rosier for you now?


Hey girl iam here if you want to can be such beasties som ex husband is slowly coming to his senses he has to with his new wife and bubs ..marriage again for me NO WAY!!! iam set in my ways now ..the one will come along girl..