steven segal at aikido ehibition


Hello, does any know if their is extensive video footage available of the aikido expo that was done in Japan around 1995. Steven Seagal was one of the demonstrators. I believe some brief clips were shown toward the end of the path Beyound Thought video. Thank you.


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One could write aikikai hombu dojo a letter requesting the video (they save and sell the video of all of the annual demos there). If you subscribe to you could also see the clip of Steven Seagal at that demo.
There aren't many other leagal ways to see this. (But tons of places on the net were you could download it anyway).



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If you do a search under video (yahoo) and type in Steven Seagal you might be able to find it and view it there, although it is not the complete version. I would recomend going to Aikido journal as Aikilove suggests and subscribing, then you can see the demo in color and legit, without worrying about copyrights. It is worth it, trust me, a good demo.