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  • Hello My Brother! Sorry I did not answer you back in May..but have not been on here in a very long time...will explain if you ever call. My Email has changed but my number is still the same.. I am very very busy and hardly ever come to this site anymore. I pray you are doing well. I miss chatting with you. Call me some time. I am being very blessed in my writing career...may opportunities ahead... Hope to see you around and pray you are being very Blessed! Love Your FRIEND & SISTER Always, Stacey
    Hello my friend ,thank you,my brother have cancer,the operation him,for a moment is he good,he cant eat and talk back,but he must have is gemotherapie,and than i a fray,i now that he gone very sick my friend,and i hope after that ,that the cancer is forgood away,my sister have her gemotherapie,cancer is a real bad virus.
    And my friend this whas a long time that i see you here,welcom back my friend and thank you and Ann olso to that you pray for me and my brother,thanks my friend.
    Lovely kisses very much great Big Hugs from me and.
    Take Sensei.
    Hi there,

    Good to see you again.

    And how are you? Good I hope. It's tornado season around my neck of the woods. Got a scare tonight, but all went well.

    Take care and stop by more often.;)
    Just entered to say hello!!
    I see you do martial arts, thats cool. for how many years?
    Dear best friend ,i whis you a very very Happy Valentine.
    Kisses and Big Hugs and
    Take Sensei.
    PSS. I'm Still Waiting To Run.......LOLOL! Remember?! If not, call and I will refresh your memory... "...Don't think I could run for very long...." - LOL!
    Hello B.! I just sent you a PM... I miss you....Call or text me! Would Love to hear from you again! I have A LOT to tell you and catch up on... I Hope there has been no more "River Incidents....." LOL! I'm sure you remember what I mean on that....! See you around.. Love & Hugs, Stacey
    Hi B......! How are you? I hope all is well with you and your mom! I keep you in my thoughts and prayers, always! I posted current pictures of my, on my page. I pray you & your Mom had a Blessed CHRISTmas & New Year Celebration with your family! I miss talking with you.... I know your job must be keeping you extremely busy.... I pray your are protected and doing well!!!! Take care! Happy New Year! WHen I go to NY in Feburary, I would like for you to be my Body Guard!!! You know how to contact me... Email me for details!

    Love Always,

    Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas" and a very "Happy New Year". Hope Santa will be good to you!!:)
    Hi my friend! I tried sending you some photos I had taked this past week, at a professional photo shoot, but they did not go through to your email address... sorry, I tried.

    Love Your Friend,
    Sorry I keep missing you but I can't even sign into my yahoo chat box anymore. I am will need to have my computer checked out, as soon as I can. It's not a virus becase I have already scanned my computer and none were found. Bare with me, till I get it fixed. You can call me if you still have my number.

    Love Stacey
    Good Morning B. No use in wishing you a Happy Mothers Day But tell your Mom I said Happy Mothers Day and that She Did a Great Job raisning such a Wonderful Son, who does make a difference in the world and in society, with all you do and the way you are!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi my friend how are you today,i hope real fine,this a long
    time that i heurt from you my friend.
    Lovelyxxx and Take Sensei.
    Hello My friend i whis you a very very .
    HAPPY EASTER to you my friend.
    lovely kisses and take sensei.xxx.
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