Top 10 movie fight sequences...


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Time for some invigorating new threads...

So - I want you all to list what you think are the top 10 movie fights that you have ever seen... and please - don't just list Seagal fights - be a bit creative!

1. Jet Li VS Billy Chow - 'FIST OF LEGEND' - This is by far the best fight sequence from any movie, ever! The final fight of the movie, it sees Jet Li taking on the nasty Japanese General who killed his master. Excellent choreography and minimal usage of wires, this fight sequence is over 10 minutes long!

2. Steven Seagal VS William Forsythe - 'OUT FOR JUSTICE' - Possibly the most one sided fight of any movie ever... not content with shooting the hapless 'Richie', Seagal proceeds to throw him through various tables and into various walls, beat him viciously with his fists and feet, twat him on the head with a rolling pin several times, throw him through some glass, beat him a few more times with his fists and feet, break his arm, twat him on the head with a frying pan and then beat him to the floor before breaking some more of his bones for good luck and then stabbing him in the head with a corkscrew before shooting his carcass twice him with a gun to make it look as if he had died from gunshot wounds rather than the above beating! Awesome!

3. Jackie Chan VS 2 Bodyguards - 'WHO AM I?' - A highly inventive and entertaining final fight sequence on the roof of a skyscraper, in which Jackie uses items as diverse as a tie and a suit to beat the living piss out of two thugs! Also features one of his crazier stunts when he then slides down the side of the skyscraper!

4. Jet Li VS Donnie Yen - 'ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA 2' - This final fight sequence which sees Jet taking on the great Donnie Yen is breath-taking in spite of the wire work. They both complement each other well and the choreography is amazing!

5. Jet Li VS all takers - 'KISS OF THE DRAGON' - Some excellent fight sequences including the inventive usage of clothes irons to block punches and an awesome final fight with two rather mean looking twins. No wire work to speak of and some really effective, violent fights puts this fight at number 5 in my list.

6. Jet Li VS Ngai Sing - 'THE DEFENDER' - This final fight sequence in the kitchen is outstanding, with plenty of heads being smashed through glass, as you would expect!

7. Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris - 'RETURN OF THE DRAGON' - Another fantastic final fight sequence sees Bruce taking on a young Chuck Norris in a deserted Roman Colloseum. Cue plenty of bone-breaking techniques and Chuck's unfeasibly hairy torso...

8. Bruce Lee VS Bob Wall (O'Hara) - 'ENTER THE DRAGON' - Excellent fight scene, which sees Bruce taking on the disgustingly evil O'Hara and beating the living sh*t out of him. This fight contains the fastest punches ever (you have to watch them in slow-motion to actually see them!).

9. Adrian Paul VS Donnie Yen - 'HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME' - I wouldn't really call this film a good martial arts movie, and if you're not a fan of the Highlander films, then it isn't a good movie at all, but this fight sequence is awesome and contains some cool weapons moves.

10. Jean Claude Van Damme VS gang of thugs - 'HARD TARGET' - That's right - I am including JC in my top 10! It happens at the very beginning of Hard Target, when good ol' Jean shows that he both a hard swine and a hero when he effortlessly despatches a gang of vicious thugs who are trying to steal a pretty girl's 'wallet'. The fight scene is awesome because of the simple reason that you see a close up shot of one of the stupid punks' sunglasses flying off as he is kicked in the face by Van Damme! Oh... and the spinning crescent kick over the car bonnet is pretty cool too!


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Well even though I ain't a fan of JCVD-I do enjoy some of his fight scenes..I believe one was the movie Kickboxer.

Chuck Norris-
Lone Wolfe McQuade
& others

Seagal in Executive Decision & Under Siege
heres a few of mine in no particular order.
Norris vs David Carradine in final showdown in Lone Woldf Mcquade.
Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Game of Death
Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in the Roman Colliseum
Seagal vs all the guys in the bar in Out for Justice
Van Damm vs Bolo in final fight in Bloodsport(vd's best fight scene unless you like the final showdown in Cyborg his best)
Seagal vs the bad guy at the end in The Glimmer man(it dont look like your gonna be waking up happy to me)
Seagal vs the bad guy with the white hair in US2(Nobody beats me in the kitchen).
Seagal vs Screwface(Basil Wallace) in Marked for Death and also the fights with all the rastas in the jewelry store after the crash of the bm through the front window-some of Seagals best fight scenes in this movie.
I'll stop there. If i go any further i may start to think of some Jet Li fight scenes and that would be ridiculous..


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All SS's fight scenes in Out For Justice, the fight scene with cupcake in ODG, the fight scene in MFD when they crash the car into the store, fight scene in FDB when he asks "How do you want it?" (oooh baby! ;) ) And the bar scene in Exit Wounds...Other films without Seagal? ...ummm?


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Originally posted by Rodrigo
Oh boy, I've never watched a Jet Li movie, it seems like he is a great fight scene maker... :eek:

Yes he's appeared in quite a few great movies. I like his Chinese films best.

The ones you should check out are:
Once Upon A Time In China
Fist Of Legend
Twin Warriors
Fong Sai Yuk

His other movies are good too, but the above are great.



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Rodrigo - I can't believe you've never seen a Jet Li film! Check out all the ones Craig listed and add Once Upon A Time In China 2, The Enforcer and Kiss Of The Dragon.

Waki - as for the 'unknown' Donnie Yen - have you seen Iron Monkey? That is an awesome film, man!
Well he is unknown to the majority o f people outside of Hong Kong, He was in Highlander Endgame....they made him look so queer(not thats a bad thing...)
Iron Monkey? Nope....


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I like Norris v Carradine in Lone Wolf McQuade
Jackie Chan on the Skyscraper in Who Am I?
SS with the Pool ball in the towel trick
SS in the trains kitchen
Mini me v Austen Powers (unbelievably funny).
Im like you Rodrigo, Ive never seen a Jet Li movie, maybe Ill have to now.
Luv & peace,