Update & Continued Prayers Needed, for my 4 Yr.old son

Please continue to pray for my son. News from the Pediatric Immunologist, Today, is not so good. My Son still test positive of SLE LUPUS, But aslo the more extensive Blood Test the Immunologist ordered, showed MORE Things wrong with my sons blood work and Immune system.... In addition to contiuning to testing positive for SLE LUPUS, My sons Immunoglobium E Level, is abnormally elevated; his Platelet count is abnormally elevated, and his C4 is abnormally Low... Also out of the 23 strains of Streptooccus Pneumonia that humans can be exposed to, 7 of them are introduced into a young childs Immune System before 1 yr. of age, through Immunization Shots.... Which do show up on sons blood test; BUT the doctor said His blood work showed He has been Exposed to all 23 Strains!!! The Immunologist said I need to get my son to a Pediatric Rehumotoligist ASAP, since they specialize in directly combating Auto Immune Disorders And since my son appears to possibly have more than 1 Auto Immune Disorder....
My heart is breaking for my son, but I continue to try being Strong for him, hoping & believing for the Best...Some how I know it will all work out. I Love him So Much and would be extremely devestated if something happened to him. I still need more test, myself, but I will get the rest of my test done later... Right now, my son is Priority! I Love Yall and Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey


c/o naughty corner
I am so sorry to hear this Stacey. I hope the future tests don't show up any extra things wrong, although I hope they do find anything that is wrong so that they can start treatment or management of the conditions.

Don't miss out on your own tests, you need to stay as healthy as you can so that you are stronger to help your son.

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.


I'm so sorry to hear about your son and his current diagnosis. Yes, you must not neglect yourself, keep up your strenth , your son and children need you and how can you be of use to them if you neglect yourself.

a tip, keep yourself and your children in "day tight compartments."
One day at a time, sometimes when the going gets tough, half an hour at a time, "God just help me to be strong for my children for the next half hour, then and hour, then talk to God at the end of the time and say thank you, keep your stength going like this coutryeagle.

Keep things really simple,try to focus by making a list of what you have to do for the day.Stick to it, if you don't get through the list by the endof the day, then leave it spill over to the nesxt day.

at the end of each day ask yourself "Have i done my best?"dont beat up on yourself.
forgive yurself if you think you have slipped up.l After all if you have done your best then that is good enough.
we are only human and we can expect to fall short in some areas, but take yourself off the hook and love yourself for just doing your best.

find a friend you can ring up and talk to.
or just ring the "goodSmaritans" and talk your way through whatever is troubling you.

Find out if there is a support group for people who have the same affliction, in yur area, or just get their phone nhumber and talk to them, it helps to talk to someone who is going through the same things as yurself.

Meditation of the day:-

I will take the mnost crowded day withut fear.
I believe that God is with me and controlling all.
I wil let confidence be the motif running through the crowded day.
I will not get worried, because i know that God is my helper.
Underneath are the everlasting arms.
i will rest in them, even though the day befull of things crowding in upon me.

Prayer for the Day:-

I pray that i may be calm and let nothing upset me.
i pray that i may not let material things , people , places or things control me and, choke out spiritual thingsandmy belief that god can do things that man is limited in doing.

all the best, and I will pray for you and your family.
all my love,


Staff member
oh I am very sorry Stacy.. I know it is not easy but please be strong.. our all prays with you..

take care my friend

Thank you Both, SO MUCH!

Thank you BOTH SO MUCH! You are right,We can overcome these aflictions and we will! I just have to pray & meditate more as you say, so I can find my way for my children & me.... You are both, so right!!! I Love you both, for all your kindness & words of encouragement & adivce.... I pray I will always be as helpful to my children & others, as yall have been to me...."Yall" is a country word...LOL! It means "you all" Equal to meaning "both of you".... Just thought I would add a little "out in the boone docks" country humor... I pray all of you have a Blessed Day!

Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
Thank You All!

Thank You! Thank you all, so much for your prayers & kindness... That means the world to me... I Love Yall and Most Greatfuly to the LORD ADONAI, for all of you!

Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey


Potters Clay
I will be praying for your son, Country Eagle. It is hard to see a child ill.

I have a dear friend who has a son dealing with cancer right now. I try and be there for her as much as I can. When I can and when I can't I can still pray for the family.


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Thank You & Update...

Thank you Jules! I am sorry to hear hear about your friends little boy having cancer. I will certainly keep him in my prayers... I have have had pre-cancerous growths removed from my body 3 different times but thank GOD ADONAI ELOHEM, no cancer like my mother & grandmother.... But I have had 4 family members with cancer who have overcome it, with the exception to 1 Aunt who died of brain cancer... It is still possible my son may have Lukemia(blood cancer) but by the Grace of GOD ADONAI, hopefully not that serious...I am almost sure it isn't that, but not totally sure. I had a friend who died of that when she & I were 12 years old... I also know of a few people who have it and it is in remission... I will pray & fast for him and for his mother....

I called the Pediatric Rehumatologist at the Childrens Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, my sons Pediatric Immunologist recommended and made an appointment for him for next Friday. That is the soonest he could be seen... It will take us about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours from where we live, depending on traffic that time of morning.... Traffic that time of morning, from as far away as we have to travel from, is very heavy. Thank GOD I use to live & go to college there, so I know my way around and what to expect... Although, I haven't been back there in over 6 years.

I miss going to the Zoo & Aquarium, so I just might take my son while we are there. I know he will love it because it is bigger than the Baton Rouge Zoo, and has more pecocks I can call over, for him to see up close... I know he will love that! He always loves it when I can sound like a lot of different animals, and can get them to come up close to us. They have a great petting Zoo, too, he will love... It just depends on weither or not we have the time to go or not, and depends on what the doctor says and does....

Again, Thank you all, for your continued Prayers and words of encouragement! You are so kind.... I Love Yall!

Love Your Sister,

We go to the Childrens Hospital, tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be storming so please keep us in your prayers. we have had some thunder showers, today But tomorrow is supposed to be worse. By the grace of GOD ADONAI, We WILL Have a Safe trip. Thank You for your Prayers!

Love Your Sister,

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist

I don't know why I am compelled to say this to you but:

Look for the brightly colored bird, it promises peace and tranquility.

Hi Ann!

Hi Ann! Thank you! I will, by the Grace of the LORD ADONAI! I am use to how people drive there. I Use to live in Metairie and got to Church & College in New Orleans.... I believe the way some NOLAns drive, has taught me to be very cautious and very Observant like a Hawk, when driving....LOL! Hope yall have a Blessed Night... I need to try going back to sleep. I went to sleep for about 1 1/2 hours but my son woke up and woke me up, trying to rock & sing himself back to sleep. Love Yall!

Love Always Your Sister,


c/o naughty corner
I hope all goes well Stacey. Have a safe trip and perhaps there will be time to visit the zoo.


Safe and successful journey Stacey,
YOur guardian angels go with you,
God, Jesus and Mother Mary watch over you and protect you.
May your journey be blessed and your son receive blessed healing.
Love and peace.
HI All!

I am SO Exhausted and will tell yall everything tomorrow, after I get some rest, BUT I have to tell you 2 things before I sing off to catch up on laundry & get rest.... Myst, this one is for you. When we were on the way to NOLA, I told my son we were going to the Zoo, after his doctors appointment and he said he we were going to see the Parots & Macaws... I promise you that was the first words out of his mouth, about the zoo....First thing I though of, when he said that is "Yep! Myst said her prayers for us, and that meant the LORD heard all of your prayers.

Second Amazing Thing happened: While we were at the Childrens Hospital, I accidentally forgot/left my second pair of keys in the ignition with the door locked. CAN You Belive 3 hours later, MY KEYS WERE STILL IN THE IGNITION, and No one had even tried getting into my car! My Alarm was not on and there were no tampered-with-locks, and no marks on my car. That is an absolute Miracle! The LORD was watching over us and my car, AND heard all of your prayers, for us! Thank you!

They took 14 viles of blood from my son, took chest x-rays, asked questions and examined him. We will have to wait for his test results. His next visit is in 1 month unless they call us back sooner... He may still have SLE Lupus but the doctor said it looks like he only has the Lupus that attacks the skin only.... We will see... I have to wait for finding out about all of it... It is still a mystery to them and me, until the Lab work comes back in.... Thanks for all your Prayers....

Love Always Your Sister,


Happy go Lucky
Get some rest Stacey!! You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers and hope you will get some good news soon!!