Visiting Kalmykia - November 2007


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Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Very nice of you to post all this interesting stuff, ingar. But, most here do not speak or read Russian and to try and put this through an online translator is more effort than most will take upon themselves. Still, thank you for your considerate generosity.

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
I uploaded nine photos that are waiting for approval by an Administrator - sorry, from here we are at the mercy of the approval system.....

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Sorry Ingar- I uploaded nine photos for you and one of the Administrator's approved seven of them. They were in the gallery until someone else decided to delete them without giving me a reason or mentioning the fact to anyone else. Common courtesy would be so nice. I guess if anyone wants to see the photos they will have to try and access the sites you provided. I tried, friend.