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  • Hello iam lutje and i wand to be your friend and iam from belguim.
    Man, how's it going?! I never joined the military my good buddy but I joined the cops! I hope you are well. It's great to hear from you.
    Hey Rooster:) I think you need more "hens" in your"house"!!:D It's kind of quite there!!LOL:D
    Hi Ar,

    Yes, He is a role model. You have captured exactly what He is to me. I use He and Him to give extra to Him. Yes I treat Him as Godlike but to be God a person must be supernatual. I don't have Him as supernatural just a real nice guy that all people can see as great.

    You speak of matters of being bad. Well He is a bad ass guy and no one should mess with Him. If He had done bad things I don't know of them. Women and the Mob I don't think He would be bad to women He just loves them. The Mob I don't think He spends anytime with them. It is possible that with big money a mob person was around Him but He was just there as Himself and not as a contempoary of any Mob person Male or Female.

    I live in Saratoga Springs, NY and there is alot of big money and if He came here He would be surrounded by good and bad. Lets both just say He is Innocent until otherwise found out. Lets be the best and most powerful fans on the board I know I am and I am sure you are also.


    Hi AR,
    No, everytime I talk of Him I am talking of SS. Because His Ways are like the bible it is a way to be in life that respects all.. There is the thought that it sounds like Jesus but that is a religion that only some believe in. SS as a single person helps all religions. So SS is even bigger than Jesus as far as thinking of man goes on Earth today. Until Jesus is the only God we think of then we must think of Him SS to help all of manknd. Yes you have asked a big questions that is hard to explain. Just have faith in Him SS and belives in Jesus and others believe in whomever God is to you. Live in peace and think of Him SS and your day will go smooth from then on.

    No I have never served. I was to young for Vietnam and now to old for service I think. Just like my granfather to young for WWI and to old for WWII. I thank you for your service. I am thankful you are here. I sense a strength from you. Some members may need your feedback. This site is great for thought. Feel free to post in the Production thresds about His Ways in the hope of a production that includes ideas from all us members.


    Thank You for your prayers and Kind words! Greatly appreciated! I sent you a PM. Belated Happy Birthday and GOD Bless you for your labor of Love, in the armed forces, protecting the innocent and defending our freedom that many of us take for grantit!!! I know you must deal with a lot and have to make a lot of hard decisions....I pray you will alway have peace in your heart and courage to do what ever is necessary! R u German? You look it (Swedish or German ancestory).... Nice to meet you, BROTHER! Take care and I pray you have a Blessed Day!

    Love Your Sister,
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