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  • I am still a citizen of Germany, but I am living in the USA for good. Not an american citizen yet, but some day I might.

    Nice to hear from you. Have a good day!!;)
    You are very welcome. Hope it was a good one?

    I was born and raised and went to school and college in Germany. I live in Kansas,USA now. For a day or two!!LOL:D

    Ich bin von Mainz/Wiesbaden. My english is better then my german right now. Sorry about that. Maybe next time I will write you more in german!!

    "Happy Birthday" and many more!!

    Hope you are having a great day!!

    "Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag";)

    I am from Germany too.
    Hi you did say you wanted to be in one of my stories well now you are go see whom your charcater is not sure if you are good or bad yet..make my mind up as i go along thats the way i write..the thing is you and Martin are Rex's that?..
    so if you can put it on a dvd for me the Extra's of the new Kill swith movie( blue ray) of steven seagal .That make's me very happy.

    take care stevenseagalfan.
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