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  • HI D! TY for the PM. I'm so in a hurry right now but will be back late, to complete sending you the rest of my "Mini-Book" letter to you and respond to the PM's you sent me. Such an Honor & Pleasure to meet you via USSF and hope to meet you in person, one day. Yes, I am on the 2 sites you mentioned but don't publically mention it here...will explain why later. Thanks for being my new Brother and Friend! In Akido, the Samuri's code of Honor, is beautiful.... chat with you later...gota jet for now. Have a Blessed Day!

    Love Your Friend & Sister,
    TY, D! I've been gone all day and didn't get back til 1PM, from a Movie shoot...since I don't want all my personal info about the movie shoot, viewed publically; plus the letter I promised to write you is TOO Long for the personal posting page, as you just found out! I promise, it really is like mini book. I wrote it to you the other night, when I got kicked off line for a while and couldn't type you an answer & letter back.... Hope you have a blessed day. When I send it, you will see "Notification: 1", under your user name at the top. Click on it, scroll down to the words "private message" bolded, and click on it. Then click on the letter from me, to read. Hope this helps, since you are new to the site.

    Love Stacey
    Nah-Mah-Stay! Hi D! I have a lot to tell you in a PM but will have to wait till tomorrow. It's more than I have time to type you, right now but I promise I will get back with you by sometime tomorrow. Okay. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. I had a lot of things to tend to today that took up most of my night and day, now I must get some rest. Thank you-(Dahn-u-whad/Shoe-kree)-for your note! It meant so much to me, I have a "Mini Book", I plan on typing you, in response. LOL! Forgive me for not answering tonight,though, because I really must catch up on some MUCH NEEDED REST! Hope you have a Blessed Day!

    Love Stacey
    you are very welcom here Darren ,and i hope make fun here,
    this site is great here and you see that you have friends here and now you have one by.
    Take care and sensei.
    You are very welcome.Thanks for the good wishes. We are in the middle of a blizzard here in Kansas.Enough already I say!!LOL:D Hope you are having a great day yourself.

    Nice meeting you!!;)
    TY! I pray you are having a Blessed Day as well! Looks like you get to have a lot of fun! Do you get to travel and since you are European, do you know any other languages? Just cureous. I bet you love to read, drink red wine & hot tea, and go horse back riding through the countryside...and walking, All like me...! I am part English, you know. I am Chactaw, English, German & Irish. Do you get to watch Steven Seagal Lawman, over there in the UK? I just watched tonights show and enjoyed it. Hope you were able to see it, as well.

    Love Your Sister,
    Doe-bray-Oo-Trauh Min-Yah Broo-der! I posted a response note for you on the Intorduce yourself page. hope to see you around.

    Yo Oh-Chin Lube-Lue-Vahs Min-Yah Brooder,
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