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  • Of course...my husband tried to dash that, but no one could ever take those experiences away from me; The Blessing of meeting Steven, his crew, and friends....and all the new friends I met.... and being able to help make a small difference with childrens cancer research!!! Even if my husband does try to upset me, NOTHING can ever take away from that day!!! It was truly a blessing. Steven really is a tallented musician! He can make that guitar sing....his other friends are very tallented, too.
    Oh hi, I was in the chat to see if you were there.
    I don't know who FireDancer is but I sent a birthday message earlier this month. It is a great name isn't it?

    How are you today? Are you still glowing after going to last week's concert?
    Hi Stacey

    Have you got time to chat? I'm here for about another 20 mins.

    hi Stacey i am glad you had a nice day at the concert please come and share any pictures and how the day went with us all we would all love to hear about it
    Hi Stacey
    I'm glad you had such a good time at his concert. It sounds like such a long day, I hope you aren't still tired out from it. Hope to catch you online again soon.
    I can't imagine a more exciting time.
    Lucky You,
    God has smiled on you my dear.
    YOu will have lots to share for a long time.
    What an uplifting time.
    That's so wonderful for you to experience SS in real life.
    Did you meet him?
    Did you get to give him your gifts?
    Did you tell him about this wbsite?
    Hi Stacey

    I have been so busy, I haven't had much time to be here. But, I hope you have a great time at the concert tonight!!
    Hi Stacey

    I'm excited for you, it won't be many hours now and you'll be at his concert. I hope you have an excellent evening there.

    I wish I could got to Steven's concert, but I don't get to do much traveling between work and school. I also don't watch much TV and have not really kept up with the country music scene.
    I really am going to sleep now... I am about to drop from being so tired. I cooked and cleaned and waited om my company and children, all day so now I need to rest... I just had to check in before bed because it is hard to stay away from here. Hope you have a blessed night, my Sister! Bohg-uh-luh sluh-veet mean-yah Sis-strah!!! I am praying for your Mom...Tell her I said hello and said I Love her too....my children, too...

    Spi-cone-in Noh-che! Pekah!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Just incase you didn't notice, I am speaking Mandarin using my phonetical english spelling, and English combined....
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