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  • Thank you for letting me know about this. And I promise, that what ever we talk about will stay beteen us. I come from a family, where you know, that privacy is valued and I believe in honoring privacy out of respect. It is also important to me, if a friend trust you with a private matter, that trust should be honored. I am not perfect but I am Jewish CHRISTian and believe in living the Bible the best I can; as well as a lot of the Budhist sayings because a lot of them have the exact same principle ways of living, as the Bible I believe in. Without True Love, Respect & Trust You have Nothig. I want to be a helpful friend, not someone who hurts. If I ever hurt you or anyone, it is never intentional.... I am only human and do my very best to live right, do right and put others first before myself. I strongly believe in LIVING that way. Although I am working on it, my husband seems to bring out the worst in me...LOL! But in a way, I see that as a Blessing, in some respects Because I am able to see what is deep rooted within me, that I need to let go of/change and let the LORD change within me.

    I jsut wanted you to know that, so you will know I am a very sincere and open person. I would never want to hurt you by betraying your trust or embarassing my famous family.... I have embarassed them enough with my mistakes of a 3rd and final marriage... I always seem to ignorantly gravitate towards abusive men and then find out when it's too late.... as my best friend of 22 years told me, I am too gulable, nieve and trusting... I can't help that part, though, because I always try to trust others and believe the best in others and hope for the best in/for others; and trust them till they give me a reason not to trust them. I do love my husband but can't stand the way he treats me at times, in a badgering & belitteling way...but since I have joined this web site and started praying more and meditating more, and learning from here, he has been doing some better. Also, this site and my meditation outside is helping me handel things so MUCH Better.... I am able to be myself here, instead of imprisoned by mental abuse, and can finally let go and be who I was intended to be.... It inspires my writings and even helps me to pick back up on drawing my fashinon designs, again, inspired by nature.... If I can ever do anything with them one day, It will have a two fold purpose.... One, raise awareness to the fact that we need to protect and preserve our worlds ecosystems(everything in them) and two, raise money for organizations that help do just that...Like the ones I belong to...WWF & Louisiana Nature Conservency & Wildlife Defenders.... My cousin's husband who use to work in the Pentagon for President Regan as Chief of Staff over.....(sorry, that part I'm not allowed to say).... Is head of a wildlife & wetland conservation organization, that I plan on supporting, as well, in the future... It's hard to be a part of all the ones I want to be a part of, especially since I have 3 children and 2 of them small... I am glad you want to be my friend becaue, like a few others on this site, I feel like we have "kindred spirits", so to speak. I only sense that with a few people, not everyone... although I do feel a little of a connection, with a lot of people on here; Just nothing like I do with us who have kindred spirits... a lot of the same beliefs & visions & compassion for our Planet and everything in it... Not that we are better than others... we all have a growing process to go through... and we are all family. That is the way I see it. I never see myself as better than anyone....
    Well, I guess I have board you enough! LOL! So guess I better wait till you answer back... It might take you all week, LOL! I can talk and write and type A LOT. One time I wrote an uncle, before he passed away of cance, a 100 page letter! No Joke! I'll try not to do that, here....LOL! Hope you have a Blessed night! Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Sure, Michelle! I consider you to be my sister & my friend. I do not mind us keeping in touch. That's neat; We were both born in September except you are 2 years older than me. I thought you were a lot younger, until I saw it on your profile. Mr. Robertson sent me your request to be my friend and I just opened and read it. I was offline for a while, because I had to cook supper. Sorry I missed you. I look forward to talking to you. "Find the Path of Least resistance, and follow it...." one of Steven Seagals' sayings I Love, that encourages peace! I see it is one of your favorit quotes, too.[/I] I look forward to chatting with you. Love Your Sister, Stacey
    Hi Stacey
    I just found out about this feature - we can talk without having to go through the forums... a littel privacy for us girls!
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