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  • I did!! Hope you had a great Christmas too.

    We had a white Christmas, but yesterday it got into the upper 60's believe it or not and all the snow melted. Today it is only 20degree and snow is expected again.

    Crazy weather we are having in Kansas.No wonder everybody is getting sick.

    Have a great New Year!!:)

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    Hi Sean, thanks for the message I see you are getting to grips with it here. If you click on view conversation when someone leaves you a message here you can type your reply and it posts it on their page.
    I'm not feeling very festive at the moment, too many other things on my mind. I can't imagine having Christmas in the spring or summer but I don't suppose you think of having snow at Christmas either. Do you ever get snow where you live?
    Do you go far on your bike? I haven't had ridden one for years.
    I don't know how this thing works really lol. It's Spring here at the moment but most of the time it's been rainy and cold. We did have a good day yesterday though so I took the bike out for a ride (that's pushbike, not motorbike...I couldn't drive a motor vehicle to save my life!) and today the sun is out...so fingers crossed the nice weather will continue!
    Hi I just saw you replied to my back in September, if you'd done it on my page I'd have noticed sooner. :D I guess it must be summer there now. Getting towards winter here and over night frosts.
    How are you doing over there?
    Back Problems I have them too, that's why I go to the chiropractor ever so often, before it gets too bad.

    Getting older is not the problem, it's what comes with it, I don't like!!

    I am doing good. Trying to stay warm in my neck of the woods.
    I'm doing okay, thanks. Had some back problems lately...I hate getting older! How are you?
    Today is the first day of fall/autum here and we had a beautiful day. Warms, sunshine but the Kansas wind was blowing something awful and the leafes are already falling.

    I wished it was spring, my favorite season of them all.
    Nothing much the past few days...just watching DVDs (old Halloween movies, Doctor Who) and taking it easy. The weather's been all over the place so my plans to go bike riding went down the toilet!
    Good. Took a few days off, sort of a mini-vacation and the weather was not good. Rain,wind and cool temps. except for the last 2 days.

    Of course as sooon as we got back, the weather turned nice. Isn't that the way it goes?:)

    What have you been doing with yourself?
    Hi, I'm not too shabby thanks. It's Spring here now so it's warming up a bit...typical Melbourne though, it was sunny this morning and raining a few hours later! How are things with you?
    Hi, how are you? It's almost fall here. But we are already having fall weather.I wished it would be spring. It's my favorite season.

    Take care:)
    Hey Sue. Spring has just started so it's warming up slightly, but it's been raining on and off most of the weekend. How's life in your corner of the world?
    Hi just thought I'd wander around tonight and catch up with a few people. I saw you here earlier today, well my today so not sure what it was for you, you should have stopped by the chat there were a few of us there.

    So how are you and how is life over there? Still warmer than here I bet. :)
    No, you are not whining too much!!

    If you do, I'll send you some cheese with that whine!!LOL:D

    All is well with me:)
    I shouldn't whine too much. I know people who have to work at 5am in the morning and on weekends, so I've got it pretty good, I guess.

    Thanks for dropping by, and I hope all is well.
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