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  • I hear you!! Weekends are not long enough for me either!! Too much to do at home inside and out!! So any extra day off is good!!

    Don't work too hard !! See you when you have time!!
    Yeah, a few days off is always good for recharging the batteries. Wish I had a few days to do the same as weekends just aren't enough for me lately...and I started a new job so I can't get any decent amount of time off until next year at the earliest. Sigh!
    Good. Had a few days off for much needed R and R!! It was nice, but back to work tomorrow.
    Hey there...yeah, I've been popping in and out since seeing a preview of Kill Switch. How's things going with you?
    I know what you mean, until the new DVD there isn't much news about Steven. I'm one of the ones who just come here for a good gossip on anything so we keep busy while we are waiting. I understand what you mean about the opinions, some people are a little over protective but while things are honestly felt and inteligent commented on they shouldn't be attacked. It takes a range of views to keep a discusion interesting.

    I'm hearing it's getting cold over there. Perhaps it's a little colder than our summer here, I'm still wearing jumpers but on the upside there's no risk of sunburn under them. :)
    No worries, Anneliese...take care, and I won't be a stranger. Strange maybe, but not a stranger!
    Hi there!!:)

    Just thought I am letting you know that you have never offended me with your posts!!

    I would like to be your friend, if you agree?

    Take care!!
    Hi Sean

    Just thought I'd pop round and leave a message. I still haven't read all of Seagalology yet, I think it was a bad idea to buy the download instead of the book.

    See you around.
    You did identify the movie with 007. I thank you for your post. Have a great day you made my day.

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