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    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    Hi LBC,

    Nice job with help with names of the Dubai Hotel. That is it. Mr Jackson may be in another place but his big Whoa in a movie as a cameo may bring him out of hiding. The American people are very forgiving. Thank you for the Cuban situation as a topic for our writer I hope Tigerfeet and Myst. take hold of it the way you and I have. I would think it would be more than enough for a chapter. I think He could be in cuba to help them heal the wounds of the past and the strength He can give them to go on to become a great and productive nation.



    P.S. thank for being my friend.
    Thanks for the invite...

    I have nothing interesting to report today! Sorry! I'll try and think of something. All those island stories had me going though! Perhaps I need a vacation, badly!
    Hey, I see you made it to our little (but growing) group! You can post your fantasies there... :D
    Or go up there to quick links, Social Groups and you'll find the Sea gals there.
    Hi LBC. Come and join us in Sea gals!
    you can click on the link on my profile page, or Myst's, or quite a few others also.
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