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  • Good to hear that you are getting better Pandora!!

    I do dress up every day for work, so when I am not at work, give me shorts, tanktops or sweatpants and t-shirt, according to the weather and no shoes!! Letting it all hand out!!:D
    Getting better slowly - doc reckon it takes a few weeks. Holding back from rubbing my eyes is the hardest part LOL!!!! More rain and electrical storms today - can hardly wait until Spring. Two weeks to go until I see the grandies again - got to dress up for a formal dinner for my son's peacekeeping medals presentation. Be a real lady for the night LOLOLOL!!!! Gawwwd - no trackpants at that place!
    You haven't been here in awhile - I see you were just a tiny bit sick - I hope you are feeling better now. Pink eye is such an itchy pain.... be sure you wipe down everything you touch to keep from reinfecting yourself.....

    Take care.... Myst
    Got a real bad cold now and conjunctivitis in the eyes so Steven better not visit just yet - I look a horrible sight LOLOL!!!
    Got some stuff from the doc for them - eye drops that sting hahahaha. Oh dear, I need cheering up eh?
    I try hard to get in here more often - most of you are asleep when I'm awake and vice versa LOLOL!!! Winter electrical storms are keeping me off the net a bit too.
    Ahhh yes.. very simple and hidden as well...
    Go to the group Sea Gals.

    Scroll down to the bottom and on the last green bar you will see 'join group'
    Hi Pandora, I hope I can solve this one for you....
    I think the quickest way to join Sea gals is to go to Quick Links on the bar above.
    Pick Social Groups = since there is only one at the present you should see Sea Gals and I believe there is a "join group" choice on the right hand side. Just click that and it should make you part of the group - I'll take myself out of the group and then rejoin to see if that works.
    Pandora, help is on the way!!:) Please be patient!!:)

    I've asked "Mystery Mom" to help!! She helped me with my avatar!! Hope to see you there soon!!
    LOL Pandora!!

    Go to my page " Anneliese".On the right hand side, it says "Group Membership" Where it says "Join social group" click on there!! Hope this will help!!

    Love ya girl
    What the heck happened to my message..any way love you girl thats my message you kiwi people rock..
    Hi Pandora, good to see you again!! Go to my profile and click on
    "Join Social Groups". You would have fun there!!
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