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  • Very true Storm .. life is short are you? in pain abit again today my own fault though never listen to my doctor when he says take it eay i do the oppisite..
    The site has a few more additions like this feed not bad. I hope it's troll free! LOLOL. Still i used to eat trolls for dinner back then.
    Better for seeing you Ann! I'll try to visit here more often. Wonder if anyone misses me? People move on quick on the net eh?
    Thanks for the heads up. You are correct! I am an old friend to many or used to be. Most have left but the core remain. I was a regular poster here for years. And yes,you are spot on..mason storm. When i chose it many said "wish i'd done that!". LOL. Mick..
    I always think of the word "Storm" to mean one who likes to stir things up to get things Done, Achieved, and Accomplished!
    Good Afternoon, Storm! Just Curious about your name. Does it have a special meaning or do you call yourself that because of Steven Segal Sensei being named "Mason Storm" in one of his movies? How is it in England? Here, Very hot, in the 100's. Hope you have a Blessed Day! By the way, I am part English!

    Love Always Your Sister,
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