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It wouldn't surprise me if the title of A Dangerous Man (2010) changes again before the release date, either back to On the Run or to something completely different.


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outforamovie;199550 said:
starting the on the run reviews early i see
I just added the section under movies so i needed a link to the forum reviews. ;) I don't expect there will be any early reviews, much like The Keeper as it is being released in the UK first.

Also fixed the title to show correct name.

lee nicholson

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It's being released as part of a 3 disc set in the UK. So chances are (if it's not released seperately and earlier) it should be released 29.12.09


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lee nicholson;199611 said:
It's being released as part of a 3 disc set in the UK. So chances are (if it's not released seperately and earlier) it should be released 29.12.09
Yeah you can get it by itself : Amazon


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That's what I also think, but the thing that's bothering me the most is the voice-dubbing. I really really hate that. But we'll see if Dangerous Man does contains the bad voicedubbing.


Now doubles i can handle in his movies but dubbing i dont think so i know he does seem to mumble in his movies but please his mumbling is better then some other voice just has to mumble abit louder.. :) ..


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Hello all. Bought "A Dangerous Man" yesterday and have watched it twice. Some dubbing,some doubles but enjoyable and plenty of action. Short and sweet as its my first post. Kind Regards.


Whats up with that dubbing rubbish Steven? ...either its dubbing or doubles not both cant you do anything by your self anymore?..


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In some scenes Steven seems really into it ,in other scenes not so enthusiastic. If we talk comparisons Id say its a lot like The Keeper on the action/doubles front but with about a quarter of his lines dubbed (best quantifying guess). Some good hand to hand action and long gun battles (especially at the end) . Pretty much in keeping with his last few movies really. Solid, entertaining Seagal movie if uninspired. 6/10. Just my opinion though folks!


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Thank you for your comment. I hope there is a bit more action and a longer showdown than in The Keeper. Do you think the movie is too dark (like Urban Justice)? The trailer looks a bit too dark.


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Yes, more action than The Keeper. The final gun battle is pretty cool and the fight scenes certainly stand out as being typical (on form) Seagal. Good call about being "Dark" in tone. Similar but this is very much its own film. At the time of typing this Ive just watched the final half hour again. I think ,despite the obvious criticisms we all have, most people will enjoy it.

lee nicholson

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Bought A DANGEROUS MAN this morning (but didn't watch it until later this evening, because, as usual, the girlfriend watched it with me...bless her!)

***********This review may contain soilers*********


Seagal stars as Shane Daniels, who we first see defending his wife from a car-jacker (within the first minute or so of the movie) and after beating him up a little, Shane gives chase after the crook. Skip forward to the next day, and the car-jacker is found dead (not to mention, brutally mutilated) and Shane (given his 'special forces' history) is imprisoned for the murder.
The opening titles kick in, and they're pretty stylish (showing scenes from the movie, to introduce the actors, and giving them a kind of pastel coloured background around them) see pictures:
Fast forward 6 years, and it seems that Shane's wife can't wait any longer for him, whilst he's still in prison, and writes him one of those 'Dear John' letters. Daniels is now all alone, but the good news is that vital evidence in his appeal, proves that he did not actually murder the car-jacker, and he is released (although, understandably angry)

It seems that whilst this is going on, a gang of Chinese crooks are smuggling immigrants into the U.S, and they take one special refugee aside (more on that later)
Anyhow, Daniels now released calls into a liquor store, and is soon back in trouble, when two (foolish) hoods try to rob him. Despite pleading with them to "leave him alone, before he (quote) "f**ks them up ugly" Daniels gives them both a severe and brutal beating, drives off in their car, bottle in hand, and heads to (what he thinks is) a deserted wasteland to remember about his wife (with some quite 'sexy' flashbacks....so prepare to get jealous, girls!)
Also driving through this wasteland are two Russian youths, who stop to unload empty beer cans from their van. Suddenly a deputy sherriff in his police-car pulls up another car, and interrogates two Chinese drivers, who are reluctant to say whats in their boot, and promptly shoot the officer dead, and notice the two witness Russian youths. One of the young Russian men is killed, Daniels intervenes killing one of the Chinese criminals, and knocking out the other one. Looking in Chinese car boot, Shane finds a carry-case full of money, and a tied up Chinese girl. Daniels, the girl, and the surviving Russian drive off with the money. The Chinese girl wakes up, and tells Shane that her uncle is an important business man, who has been smuggled into the country by the Chinese gangsters, but (upon realising that he's a VIP) they've double crossed his neice, and are now holding him hostage. Daniels agrees to help her, if her powerful uncle can secure him a visa out of the U.S. The grateful Russian man, also thanks Daniels, and points out that his father is a powerful Russian mob boss, who will gladly help him out (should he need it?)
Daniels and the girl, part way with the Russian, but soon realise that there's a 'tracking device' in the bag of money, and Shane finds himself killing more Chinese hoods, intent on retrieving it. The chinese hoods, are also working with a corrupt U.S cop, who's only one step behind nailing Daniels himself.
With the net closing in, Daniels visits the Russian mob boss (who thanks him for saving his son, and swears undying loyalty) but soon the Chinese hoods are blasting the mob bosses mansion, so Daniels, The Girl, the mob boss and his son, take the war to the chinese, and attack their HQ to rescue the girls uncle.....

A Dangerous Man is a fast-paced action movie, that even in the non-Seagal scenes moves along at a brisk pace, with rarelly a dull moment. The cinematography is crisp, and the camerawork is great. As previously mentioned, the opening titles are really good (and get the viewer pumped up for the next 90 minutes) The film has numerous fight scenes, explosions, profanity....everything a good 'Seagal-movie' should have

Steven gives an ok performance (better than THE KEEPER, on par with DRIVEN TO KILL) He performs most of his fights and dialogue (read more about that later) and still has amazing hand-speed, and his usual 'baddass persona' is present and correct.

As mentioned there's a well spread out series of fight scenes (again, probably on par with DRIVEN TO KILL) and more (basic) 'bang-for-your-buck' action than THE KEEPER

Probably the worst aspect of the movie. Seagal is dubbed throughout (although not as bad as KILL SWITCH or ATTACK FORCE) it's all the more infuriating that the dubs are actually the same dialogue that Seagal is wording anyhow (i think the directors should tell him to "speak up" during takes?) I'd say about 20-30% of Seagals dialogue is dubbed

Yes, we tend to know that when you see a shot of Seagal from the back, it's usually a 'double'. This happens quite a lot, and in a few of the fight scenes. But it seems to be SEAGAL doing most of the good stuff (as my pics illustrate)

A dangerous Man is another good movie for Steven Seagal (had the dubbing/double issues not arisen....i'd rate it higher) As it is, the casual viewer would probably not notice these gripes, and enjoy it for what it is....a simple-minded fast-paced action thriller. It's nowhere near as good (or as flashy as UNDER SIEGE 2) but for a DTV release it's a pretty good movie. If BORN TO RAISE HELL is 80% as good, i won't consider it a failiure, and gladly welcome MACHETE when it hits the big screens.

Big Lee gives this movie a solid 8 out of 10


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Thanks Lee for your review. Is sounds good! Only the dubbing makes me very sad....