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A Happy New Year


Staff member
May the New Year brings a beautiful dawn tou your life which is colorful and pleasant as you are..
A Happy New Year to All Steven Seagal Fans
Same to you Suzi and want to wish all an happy new year i had an good time BUT long night hence abit tired didnt get hom etill 3.30am this fine new years day went to an beach party with an couple of girlfriends an bbq on the beach with lots of good music and company whom could ask for more.. during the night us girls met an couple of very nice guys spent the night chatting and just having fun one of the guys was an cop and he insisted that he would be staying in our little group as my girlfriends are drop dead little honies and there were an few piss pots hanging around even though the area of the beach we were in was an 'dry zone' no booze being stinking hot we took an esky ( ice box) with soft drink and water have had enough booze over xmas and i know my limits ..but it was nice pf him to saty with his mate to watch over us ...think i may have to go have an nap shortly ...any ways like i said happy new year all and to Steven i hope that your year brings you joy, peace and happiness..:)