Attrition dvd and bluray releases


I really ask me when they will release this movie in Germany. I want to watch it so badly but still didn't see it because my english is too bad to watch an full movie in english. But of course they release General Commander before Attrition here *facepalm*.


No I still haven't. Still no release in my country. I have been thinking about downloading it, but it seems those web and bluray rips are very bad because all the Asian dialogue is not subtitled. It's hard to resist, but I will wait for a proper release.

Did you watch it ?


I doubt it, the most normal thing is that they will release them some day on television, as has happened with others of Seagal. :(


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Seems unavailable in any format in Australia, which is a shame. And the U.S blu ray had a very short print run, it looks like.

Forrest Taft

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I think it's a shame a film like Beyond the Law has been released widely on DVD while Attrition, a definitely step-up in terms of quality, is so hard to even find.


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I don't even know how to buy this movie. It's not sold on Amazon here in Canada or at any stores :( they made it so you can't buy it