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Beyond The Law - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, DMX


Soap Hub recently chatted with Sean Kanan to talk about his new ventures. First up, is a role in the film Beyond the Law, which stars Steven Seagal and Johnny Messner (ex-Rob, Guiding Light).
Kanan plays a gun-toting thug in the movie and while his character may not have a lot to say, he does appear throughout the film. “I have a scene where I tell a very funny joke,” Kanan shares. “It’s one of the most fun moments in the movie. I’m excited about it
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Waiting for my next scene to be set up in a big old mansion near Bucharest, Romania. Another long day of movie making. This acting stuff is hard work! The results are worth it though!

Suppose the leather jacket is a different look for him lately, but still same beard and glasses look. He just needs to play a ruggard looking guy, think like Arnie with his beardy look in a few recent movies, it's different and even makes him look younger!