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Beyond The Law - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, DMX



From director James Cullen Bressack (“Alone,” “Bethany,” “Blood Craft”), “Beyond the Law” stars Messner (“Silencer,” “Weaponized”) as an ex-cop dragged back into his old life after his estranged son is murdered. With nothing to lose, he searches for answers among the city’s most corrupt and dangerous people and crosses paths with a veteran detective (DMX) also determined to uncover the truth. But as their investigations drag them deeper into the criminal underworld, the come up against the local mob, and a mysterious criminal enforcer (Seagal).

“Beyond the Law” opens theatrically Dec. 6 in 11 markets and 20 cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and Toronto; it will also be available day and date on-demand and on digital platforms.
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The trailer looks OK (more like a crime drama than an action movie) although I'm sens(e)ing that Seagal will have limited screen time (a'la GUTSHOT STRAIGHT)
Trailer looks okay. You can tell it's hardly going to feature Seagal and it's low budget, but oh well, we all expected this. I listened a few times and it sounds like Seagal said "mother" instead of "another" when he said "don't say a 'mother' word to me" haha. Hope this new film he is doing will be AWESOME (haha) which has forced him to cancel his UK tour shows. I'm sure it'll just be another few days work for him but it obviously paid more money.
I think the trailer looks good. Seagal's character looks interesting and I like Johnny Messner as an actor so I'm fine with home being the lead.
I tried to contact James Cullen Bressack. Maybe he could talk about the shooting or do an interview for our site, like many directors did.

He got my message and read it, but still no reply.
That red band trailer looks okay. I doubt more than 10 people will go see this in the selected theatres it's playing at though. I liked Seagal's bit at the end where he said "you wanna be a gangster" or something and then did a few quick shots. Hope he makes another movie soon, looks like a bit of effort was put in here, so imagine if he put in more effort and the film had a better story and bigger budget?