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kat_whit said:
I am home still packing things. I am amazed at
the love and good thoughts you send my way!
Keep on sending them because I need courage
to see this through! I will be popping in every
once in a while, until I am settled and have
my computer set up, Don't you forget about me! ;) :D
Love, Kat
You shouldn't be so amazed, Kat. As I've stated here many times, I think you're one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, sweetest people I've ever met, on or off the internet. You're very well liked and respected here. And you know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Except help you pack. :D Just kidding! :D
Kat God Bless You If I Could Help You Pack I Would But I Cant But My Prayers Are With You We All Hope Too See You Back Here Really Soon.... God Bless You Both.............


Lost without you
So sorry to hear about your separation Kat. I've been there, and even though it hurts like h**** right now, things will look better after a while. Stay strong, we are all thinking about you.

Kat,I gave up on my phone yesterday?Were you waiting?Good rip off,now I'm waiting.:rolleyes: :D
You must be packing real hard.Maybe I can help you sort things out?:D Don't mind me kidding...I'm getting lost in your suitcase :D


Potters Clay
Everything Aaaiight?

tora said:
Kat,check out if your cell is working properly.Whenever I call you you're not available.And I'm pretty sure it wasn't midnight :D
And you better pack all the stuff from the kitchen.Maybe one that will bring Ronnie back :D (it really hurts to see people falling apart :()
AAAAhhhh! I was wondering the same thing tonight....:D Missed ya! :)


I Belong To Steven
Kat, what can I say besides I'm sorry...I know you'll be okay, and you never know what could happen...Things could improve...I will hope that it all works out to a peaceful and happy end, I like the happy endings you know...:) Love you girl...
Tell her to stick to the biggest kitchen.I'll drop by one day and I'll bring some food with me too(hopefully this won't be a single piece of cake :D )
Kat- sorry to hear about your situation. I've been away for awhile - Thanksgiving and all - both my sons here today. They've settled in for the night and I'm catching up here. Do take care and know I'm thinking of you. Having been through a divorce after 18 years, and then losing my second hubby I know it can be difficult. Eventually the clouds will clear and things will settle down a bit. Meanwhile, take care. Sending a hug :)


Potters Clay
I wanted to tell everyone that Kat is doing well. She is getting settled into her apartment. Her spirits have been down because of the seperation and....well...
she really misses being on the forum. She doesn't know when she will be on a computer again.
I have been letting her know how you all are doing. She asks often. I have been trying to cheer her up. :) She got to hear how I sing on the phone! :D (That is what she gets for making me talk to an answering machine) She thought it sounded good!:rolleyes: I think she was pulling my leg. :) I modified an old "Hee Haw" television show song:

"Where oh where are you tonight? why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over, and thought I found a new friend...you found another....and...pfft!!! you were gone!!!"

Kat called me back later laughing. :) Be glad you all only see the words and not hear my singing!!:rolleyes: :D Of couse she didn't seem to mind.:)


Potters Clay
I will pass on the messages.

Amos....it can't be THAT cold in Arizona! Do you get snow? LOTS of snow? Move to New York. You WILL get a dose of snow!! I heard it can get cold at times...but not to where you get dumped on with a good old fashion winter.:)