Cool Seagal A&E Reality Show Promos At NYC


Pictures taken by myself 12 days ago at New York City

Cooool, isn´t it?

P.S: If u want bigger versions only tell, ok? The original pics taken are 3,4MB aprox. each one.

I just took 3, you know...driving the car...the traffic...Hope u to enjoy the photos

All the best


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SeagalMovieFan;199684 said:
Looks great. It seems to me that Steve is planning a comeback. I hope he's going to make a movie with cinema releasing next year.

I hope that, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this big signs/posters, I couldn´t believe what my eyes were looking at...

It! Like in the old good days, man!! Seagal promos at the streets!!

I freaked out, duuuude!!

Sorry ´bout my enthusiasm, but sometimes in this life so sad, these kind of things, entertaining things at last, are not least, and makes people like myself happy for one day.

Take care


outforamovie;199725 said:
finally some promotion has arrived!!

Yep, my friend! It´s about time!

8 years since Exit Wounds, well, or 7 if consider Half Past Dead, but my feeling is more serious, like I felt 8 years ago.

I hope...I really wish a big success of the A&E.Machete is a kind of good thing, but I think Lawman is a really great step forward for Seagal and and could be the final ´touch´ to do a big budget theatrical movie.

Let´s see!All the best