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Custom Mercenary For Justice Trailer


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Craig Robertson said:
Many thanks to Kotegashi for creating and uploading this trailer.

Simply unzip once downloaded and then open in Windows Media Player.

Thanks for uploading, I hope everyone enjoys it. It has been fun creating this one since the movie is way better then his last couple of movies.

Looks good!

Wow this actually looks really good. There looks like there are alot of great fight scenes. I am actually excited to see this one. Looks way better then Black Dawn and Today You Die.


Thank you so much for all your efforts in making this for us, Kotegashi, and for sharing it with all of Steven's fans. :) I'm sure this was very time-consuming, and we appreciate it. You did an excellent job on it! And the movie looks quite good from these previews--yet another one to look forward to and enjoy.

Thanks again, Kotegashi, and thanks also to Craig. :)


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Wow,it´s afantastic trailer,ithink the movie will be very good and there´s no such much stunt double, cool! Sensei is back!
Trailer looks good. I really do hope that all the fighting is him, when TYD came out they said the same thing and it is impossible to watch that and think he did 50% of the fighting there.


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Long time no speak everyone! :)

This movie looks sooooooooooooo good.

Thanks Kotegashi for such a wonderful trailer!!!!

I got my money on Seagal, he's gonna do something unexpected soon, like make really good movies again, hehe, :) Can't wait for Mercenary for Justice.


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Thats a great trailer! It's actually better than the film! I certainly believe that the official trailer they do will be lazily constructed and won;t have as much thought or effort as Kotegashi's. Well done!
the trailer looks awesome. this could be the best stv production with seagal :) i am looking forward the dvd.. maybe summer 06 in germany :( hopefully not too late


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Thank you for all your efforts! The trailer looks very very very cool!!! You can see that Steven is still in great shape. I think it's gonna be the best dtv...
Steven, you're the man!!


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YEEEAH.I cant belive that Sensei is still so fast in his movements. :cool: I felt so fired up when I saw those fightscenes. Thanks alot for this trailer, looks great. I dont care what people say about Seagal..he can still kick some serious ass, I wouldn't stand in his way when he gets pissed. :D
I don't know, those clips didn't look too good, it had a real B- feel to it. But it's cool that Seagal is doing his own fight scenes, hopefully this film is better than it looks. 5 more weeks to go.
This trailer was made from a low quality screener i think the actual dvd will look alot better. Im looking forward to this film. It's cool having a new seagal film every couple of months.
Looking very good!!

and no STUNT DOUBE!!!

Alltrough i think this are the rare fight moment all put to gether, isn`t??
Still i think this is going to be a good movie!
I love the dvdcover by the way!

Can`t wait to see it.

Thanks for the trailer!

I didn't really like his latest movies, I think many of you will understand why...

This one looks like it's seagal kicking ass again, and not a fight double. Looking forward to this one.:cool: