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Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)


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Well Martinez' answer was very short.......still no release date.......

Normally he is much opener and enthusiastic.....I think something is wrong. Don't know what.
A lot of you guys that read my previous posts on 365Flix probably thought I was being too harsh on them? But I was simply being honest and realistic. So I'm pleased to see that a few more of you are finally thinking the same about this clearly naive, incompetent and amateurish company.

I really believe that 365Flix (what a joke of a name considering that they've only released one new film in a year, and have since branched out into pay-per-view boxing and MMA!) won't be around for very much longer. I'm guessing maybe 3 or 4 months max.
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I've lost all faith in 365 flix. The site has been up for over 4 months and they've only released one movie. I hope Seagal cuts ties with them.
If he doesn't he must have sh*t for brains! :D

Should 365Flix go bust, and I'm 100% sure that they will - it's just a matter of when, Seagal won't have a say in it. If Seagal is sensible he'll cut ties with them well before that happens, as nobody would surely want to be associated with a failed naïve, incompatant and amateurish company. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.
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