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Force of Execution


Master Of Disaster
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For god sake, put an end to this spamming. It is getting annoying.
I agree that the spamming is super annoying, it takes up most of my time when visiting the site. But we (the admins) do what we can Mason. Craig has installed spamblockers, but loads of them somehow manage to slip by. The admins of the forum visit the site as often as possible and spent we spent most of our time removing all the spam and banning the spammers.



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Does anyone know if the US release of FOE will have any behind the scenes/directors commentry stuff on the DVD

Anchor Bay are releasing it in the US and they did a pretty good job with MC with extra bits

also the UK rating for FOE is a 15 which is strange has all Seagals STV stuff is always 18 in the UK apart from the TJ episodes

I wonder if FOE is not has violent has Waxman said it was

lee nicholson

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I like the quick 'dissolve' at the 0:42 mark (as Seagal raises his mits) and then gets back on with the brawling (very John Woo like)

That's the sort of 'editing' I approve of in a fight scene :)