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Jules said:
The articles said they had contact with the people. They lowered gifts to the tribe and the tribe started sending some gifts back. That went on for 13 weeks.

A girl had ran away from the tribe because they were killing each other over the women because they were in short supply. The tribe was killing themselves into extinction.
She failed to tell the missionaries that. So when five men set out to meet the tribe the tribe decided to kill the foriegners. Maybe because they were men. I don't know. I haven't seen the movie yet.

This sounds interesting.
And ... there IS duality for the Truth :)
It is said we create our own heaven or hell in the here and now. What we exist in here, in this living world, is the station we will exist in there - sans the physical and mental bodies (especially me, who has ZERO mental capacity). If the "form" is discarded before the death of it, and one merges into that Absolute Truth, then when death comes, there is no death. "To die before death". When the form falls away, only Spirit remains. Duality and separation cease to exist. The striving towards Nirvana - Truth - is our only task. All else is form. I am a complete idiot.
After all of these years, I'm glad you can finally admit it, Kickingturd.