Going On A Date With Seagal.


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Now that fall is almost here, something outside does sound nice...the trees are just starting to turn. They aren't as green as they used to be.


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I'd just like to hang out with him. To go for a nice long horse ride, then to some musical friends place by a beach where we could jam (well, I'd propably have to play the triangle or tambourine or something lol) then sit talking by the fire till the early hours.
(I'd probably let him massage my feet if he asked nicely)


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If out on a date with Steven Seagal I would like to be at the beach listening to the waves and playing his cd on the boom box and when done on the beach go out for dinner and after that get him on the computer so he can talk you on this board. rp


That would be great too talk to him on this board but i think an while back he used to visit here i think it was the chat room and because of some fans they stuffed it up for the rest of us fans..something like that any way you never know he may come back again...i hope that you enjoy your self here there is an whole lot of things to find out about him and if you havent been to the gallery yet i would strongly suggest you do there are some no many fantastic
photos there...from his movies, general, martial arts, and music...


Aahhh I Think I Would Take Him To A Moon Light Dinner On A Boat So With Candles And Sofe Music And The Open Air With The Moon Beaming Down On Us And The Wind Blowing So Softly ( I'm Blushing}


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I'd like to go around Legoland with Seagal and then afterwards we'd go for a lovely lamb lunch in the centre of Windsor.


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Lol just give the man a hug make him lay down next to me and have him listen to what I do! Lmao! I’m showing my age by saying no hanky panky! Just good sleep


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