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Gutshot Straight (2013)

After 2 whole years they will release the movie. I hope the waiting will be worth it, since Seagal's role is merely minor. I can guess the cover of the DVD: Seagals name on top with his face dominating the picture, below him a smoking gun, cards with mug shots of the other actors, including a bullet hole.
I don't see a reason why not Mason. I can imagine a later release, maybe December 2014. Even if he Seagal is "not popular", he is still an American citizen and even that Hollywood ditched Seagal out, the US are remaining the country with the most fans, second only to Eastern Europe and Russia.


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Haha that is just hilarious.

The distributor over there has probably lost count with all the different Seagal DTV's and edited-together True Justice "movies" over the past few years and simply stopped even trying.

They probably have a template for these covers, they just change the title and co-stars. Surprised there aren't exploding helicopters in this one.
@ Joe
problem is that True Justice was released complete here in Germany by the company Splendid. Gutshot Straight has a complete, different distributor: Ascot.

My question still stands - who shall I contact? Splendid and inform them that their "property" was stolen or complain at Ascot for fooling customers?