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Thank you Suzi ..i love you too girl ..and thanks for the birthday wishes ..now before i answer Mason Steven best close his eyes as iam sure he doesnt really want to hear what one of his girls got up to are they closed ? good now Mason mate i was to awe struck with two male strippers in my face and boy well they well built hope one of my friends took pics :eek: any how the stripper dressed as an cop asked have i been an good girl? i said hell no and he said thats good...:Dhad an ball and had fun :D and Barbara hells bells one can only handle so much Steven ? dont you mean can Steven handle Orangatuang ? he ll yes he would say i want ..more ..more..more..

my birthday was the day i picked of the month for my 'splash out' as my doctor said i can once an month i started drinking at 1pm and didnt stop till 10pm last night and was still standing :p as for my head this morning not an hang over or hung under for that matter BUT as for the rest of my body has to play catch up..

thanks lovely friends ..i had an great day..;)