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Happy Thanksgiving's..


Serena I don't mind working today. I made a pumpkin pie just for the people at work. I don't plan on cleaning, this is why I have my 2 boys to do it for me.:):D Ofcourse getting up at 3 in the morning is not fun, but when the place that you work in is opened, and your boss wants you to work, well, I guess I just have no choice.:D I think it will be fun at work today and my family will have everything ready for me when I get home for DINNER:):D

That's great you don't mind working today, Kathy. :) I know you love your job! I have to work tonight myself and I don't mind either.

Besides, I think you're looking forward to having the others take over this time for a change, eh? ;)
If I were you, I wouldn't "finish work" and walk in the door until it's just about time to sit down to eat! :D
Don't work too hard, Kathy! :) And Happy Thanksgiving!



I Belong To Steven
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone...

I, for one am thankful for Steven Seagal, eh? ;)

Love, Blessings and thanks to him wherever the heck he is, and good wishes to all of you...

Hey folks,are you supposed to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?Thank Suzi in advance :D
Thank you for your attention.Thank you for letting me thank you.Thank me for thanking you for letting me thank you.:D