Hello Everyone :)


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I am a very big fan of Steven and his work...not only his acting, but just how charitable, generous, and...compassionate he is. He doesn't do his charity work "in the spotlight" making sure there's a camera in his face...he does what he does because he WANTS to....and that is the type of personality I gravitate towards anyway...so...it was really nice to find that, and in a celebrity, no less :)

And, for the record...I have seen the Saturday Night Live that Steven Seagal hosted, and he was REALLY funny...I hope you guys get a chance to see it soon


Welcome aboard its abit slow at the moment but when he gets his lovely ass into gear iam sure we know..iam more an lover of the seagal of now because i love an man with some meat on them bones ..and everything else that wiggles and shakes when he moves..
if you like reading iam in the process of wriiting one called 'The Kiss' which is where iam heading shortly to put abit of fuel on the fire..