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Kentaro Seagal

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Serena, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Serena

    Serena Administrator

    I found this rather interesting. I'm sure most of you knew about it, but I have to confess I did not. I knew Steven's son was Kentaro; I just didn't know he was an actor/model who has appeared in several films. Below is a link to a website for him.


    Proper Name: Take Kentaro
    Current Pursuit: Art Instructor
    Birthday: October 3, 1975 Osaka, Japan
    Family: Father: Steven Seagal
    Mother: Miyako Fujitani
    Sister: Ayako Fujitani
    Weight: 78 kg / 172 pounds
    Height: 188 cm / 6 feet, 2 inches
    Martial Arts: 3rd degree black belt, Aikido.
    1st came to America: High school - Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire USA
    Kentaro was president of the "International Club".

    College: University of Southern California

    Past Career:
    Model - 1997 Tommy Hilfiger model in the "Tommy Jeans America Tour"
    Actor - 1998 "Seamless"
    1999 "Osaka Story"
    2000 "Day Dream"
    2001 "The Bleep Brothers"

    Celebrity Assignment: Sotokoto magazine (an environmental magazine)


    This was an excerpt from a different site regarding the movie "The Bleep Brothers".

    ●Tatsuo = Kentaro Seagal

    A Refreshing and Powerful Cast
    Solid Performance by Distinguished Actors

    The younger of the two brothers, Tatsuo is tall and He is also well endowed, measuring in at a whopping 32.4 cm (12.75 inches)!
    Kentaro Seagal, son of Hollywood star Steven Seagal, makes his Japanese debut with this film.His eyes are sharp like a beast's, but in the film, the naive sensitivity that lies hidden behind them shimmers forth.
  2. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Serena. Charak 1965 is member of our site !! I know his name is Kentaro Justice Seagal. Take Kentaro!! Good !! Like his father !!! but I believe he doesn't looks like his father huh ???

    in onenesss
  3. TDWoj

    TDWoj Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting that both of his children by Miyako have rejected their father's name. I guess one could assume that they want to make it on their own, or.... (TD self edits to avoid getting yelled at).
  4. Jalu

    Jalu Steve's Destiny

    I believe that is because Sensei adopted the familiy name, and his children carry it on.
  5. Serena

    Serena Administrator

    TD--I didn't understand what you meant by rejecting his father's name. At a few hundred places on Google where his movies are mentioned, including several websites with his personal bio and the website I posted the link for, everything I've seen has the name "Kentaro Seagal", with no other name mentioned. Have I missed something somewhere (which wouldn't surprise me a bit :D)?
  6. TDWoj

    TDWoj Administrator Staff Member

    On Charak's site which Suzi noted above, it has the most up-to-date information, and there it says that Kentaro has officially changed his name to Take Kentaro, and is no longer known as Kentaro Seagal.
  7. Serena

    Serena Administrator

    D'oh! Right on the front page! Thanks, TD, I appreciate that. Told you it wouldn't surprise me a bit! :D

    Can I PLEASE blame it on working the night shift and not getting enough sleep? ;) :D

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Mmmm, I dont know girls i think that he looks like his dad, somewhat!..Like father like son.He looks young for 29.Heather.
  9. Littledragon

    Littledragon Above The Law

    Wow never knew that. Thanks!!
  10. Disciple

    Disciple come get some

    It's cool that he's following in the old man's tradition of Aikido.

    I bet he's tougher than Sage Stallone. :D
  11. Lotussan

    Lotussan I Belong To Steven

    Thanks for the info, Serena...
    I didn't know about most of that...
    Maybe they want to make their way in the career world without the name...
    I really hope Steven doesn't take that too personally, I would be proud to share his name...
    Not to say that they aren't...
    Maybe they aren't close to their dad, I always felt that Sensei being an American had something to do with the break-up of his marriage to their mother...
    And the family is very important in Japan, her family was the reason she really wanted to stay there I guess...
    Nice looking children, and nice looking parents, but I still think they look like their mother the most...
  12. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    I am with you TD !! ("...or.... !!) I guess we think the same way ''

    Ayako used everytime Ayako Fujitani, and now Kentaro changed !!

    in onenesss
  13. charak1965

    charak1965 New Member

    almost from the horse's mouth

    It was Miyako that told me that Kentaro changed his name to Take Kentaro. I didn't even inquire; she just wrote to me with that info. So I'm impressed with that! She also sent a picture to me from his high school graduation. It was so out of the blue!

    Some of you may remember that I put on my website last year that Kentaro was at an Oomoto seminary. He left the seminary last October. He was probably there for a year or so. Maybe it was during that time that his name was officially changed? So I'm not sure.

    It also seems that he is *not* as active in Aikido as his parents are. And he is totally "retired" (as I'm told) from acting. So now he is pursuing a career in art. Kentaro listed on his mother's website all of these art awards that he won in the U.S. (He was advertising about a class that he was starting, and listed his credentials.) But it was all in Japanese, and my machine translator did a crummy job of translating it. But I was impressed with the list, nonetheless!

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