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Television Lawman - Season 3 - January 2012

Are you looking forward to a new season of Lawman?

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It's still showing reruns of Lawman on Dec. 31 here in the US and the Jan 4th schedule hasn't been released yet.
I hear ya kay911...I have been checking TVGuide.com to see if there are any updates.

And OF COURSE, NO response from A&E either on their Facebook page
OR e-mail I sent to them
TV Guide has this for 10pm ET January 4th:

Steven Seagal Lawman: Drug Warriors: in the third-season opener, Seagal leads a new team from the Maricopa County (Ariz) Sheriff's Office as they attempt to make a drug bust; and joins a SWAT team for a narcotics sting. NEW

then at 10:30 it lists another new episode

Steven Seagal Lawman: Cops and Cons: An arrest warrant is served to a suspect wanted for domestic violence; and Seagal offers the team an acting class to prepare for an upcoming case. NEW
All i can say is be happy people..just wait and see what the new year brings ...at least you have the privilege to see his lawman shows even if there re-runs ..think of THOSE whom miss out all together ...