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New European music tour Seagal 2014

From Seagal`s Facebook-Site:

Official message from Team Seagal

Steven Seagal Blues Music Tour 2014

Dear Fans ...

Here are the confirmed dates so far for Stevens 2014 Blues music tour;

June 20th Dobry Festival, Slovakia
June 28th Imperial, Berlin, Germany
July 2nd Cognac Blues Passions, France
July 4th Bliuzo Naktys (Blues Nights), Lithuanian Blues Festival
July 10th Hondarribia Blues Festival, Spain

There will be many more dates to be added in the upcoming weeks.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal

If it works out I`ll be at the Concert in Berlin:)

All i can say i hope that the fans able to see his concert enjoy it .. wish some big business here in Adelaide would pay him the big bucks to come do an concert here ..do the actual rounds of australia starting with adelaide ..it would rock my little city to its core ..oh well just another dream that wont come true ...:)